Satisfaction, where can i find it ??

All throughout our life, we keep searching for happiness which according to me is satisfaction. We go to any level for finding it, doing one thing over another but ending in battles of mind which create stress. Finally we sit down trying to relax and again starting off for the satisfaction factor to be included in our lives before we lie lost in a 6ftx3ft area with R.I.P inscribed above.

People and their views of satisfaction are totally dependent on their level of thinking and persona, there are n  number of battles to be fought for some x amount of treasures left. And all this for what, ‘yes’ to feel accomplished, that is some or other way related to satisfaction.

After a day long work, you want to fall asleep as soon as you hit your bed, if you do, then you have achieved your satisfaction for the day. Sorry to say satisfaction nullifies the very next day and we start off from ground zero where we built a castle day ago.

In our present lives, satisfaction is momentary and to some extent fictional. So guys lets find our short and sweet satisfaction which may lead to our life long satisfaction which we strive hard for.

Sneak peak @ writer’s feeling:

Lying on the bed and typing my first post, feeling of short and sweet satisfaction growing inside and, people  ‘yes’ satisfaction do exist, may not be long but that ‘particular moment happiness’ is what we strive for.