The Leader- Resurgence of Democracy

Leader is the one who is born from the masses; the leader in reference here need not be a political stigma but even a person who raises his hand to question the authority of its wrong doing. In the process he not only stands up for himself but to the whole society sitting in silence for years together. The common man is used to take so many hardships in life; it is as if he is born to adjust. But after a limit has been crossed, when he can’t bend further, the change what occurs there either defines him or destroys him. Standing up after years of bending, gives him a new lease of life creating power unimaginable.  The sheer will for justice drags people from their streets to support the cause. The cause gets stronger with the leader. The man gains recognition and his charm is spread all around. People start pouring in and the cause gets bigger. The shackles which bounded the people have been broken instead wings has been attached for them to act. Sense of freedom is finally felt, the thought is wide spread and the song has been hummed by everyone, “It’s my country and I am its rightful owner”. The government has no idea how to handle the situation, it imposes emergency in haste. People are on the streets fighting the government. Water cannons and tear gas surround the place but the people are not in a mood to listen. They have decided to come and conquer what is rightfully theirs. “Time has come people to unite and overthrow the monopoly of this monarch who is been feeding on our dead corpses. Plans have been laid; execution is the next big thing for democracy. We the people, for the people and of the people give this country to you, the people of ____from these corrupt and elevate us to sovereignty. The days are not far when we will see the sunlight emerging from this abyss, it’s going to be a far better place than we ever imagined. Tomorrow before dawn we will see ourselves free, standing tall on the fort of hope, captivating a long standing battle of oppression and injustice. Long live the leader, long live ___.

The next day, rebels won their battle against the monarchy which existed for centuries and a new sense of life started flowing into the hearts of the people. But the victory was at the cost of their beloved leader who was murdered by a conspiracy with a traitor in their group who carried the action on the demand of the king. The leader was flown in a casket of flowers to the capital which witnessed almost millions of people gathered to see their beloved leader lay into rest. They took an oath that day; ten years from now we will prove the world our greatness with development and  happiness. Integrity and unity of our nation will be talked everywhere. Our prosperity will be unmatched. The sanctuary of love what we hold in our hearts will be preserved generation hence. Our beloved leader we promise you the state you have always dreamt of. Long live ____

Note:  ____ can be any country requiring a revolution to bring it back to the people. When the system stays for long it becomes frozen and corrupt, only a total change can help in reviving the country and it’s failing system. Revolution doesn’t have any age, it comes naturally to us. And when the time demands, there will be rise.