Parallel Universe (Part-1)

Universe we live in is not the only one, if we look closely we find various branches emerging out from the present universe. These branches are nothing but imagination of the 7 billion inhabiting the only planet in the solar system. Every branch is similar but unique. Similar because the reality around us is more or less same while unique due to the meaning which we attach to the reality. Closer one looks, deeper he sees and more different he finds. Like the music flowing in the year transcends one to a newer sphere of imagination, rich with color and emotion which have become devoid in this reality which we live in. The exaggeration of the present lot makes one high on the substance which is as mundane as him.

The world we imagine is customized with different ingredients of one’s liking, thus making the reality become displeasing when compared. There have been instances when we wake up imagining a narration and then set our foot to make it work in the present reality. This view which i am presenting it to you is part of my dream’s narrative, my little universe.

I have not one but many universes which i attach to every individual and environment around me; It sounds baffling and strenuous to hold on so many existential and non-existential reality. But that’s the beauty of our brain, it can manage as we call it ‘Jugaad’. Lets speak about the universe where exists our family, it forms the inner core of us. They are larger than life relations where we can go to any extent to see them happy. Whenever we are down, we look up to them. They, on the other side, make sure that everything is alright so that their son/daughter are happy, even if it means to jump out their comfort zone. This is the beauty of consanguineal relations which makes one say that the world looks beautiful but he is looking only at the greener side.

The reason being we have other universes also, which are not necessarily functional in nature; The sphere of competition where we see many succumb but few succeed. The irony of the reality which exists around us is that, we see the few succeed but dispel the ones’ who have lost. This picture can be changed, by looking at not by the naive view as winners and losers but winners all together. in short, everyone learns something or the other, the experience becomes richer and we emerge as a better individual.

“Too many makes too little understanding” – Will continue other universes in the next blog. Keep imagining as the world around us is providing with various opportunities for us to utilize. .


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