The World I Live In.

There are different types of worlds’ for every person, but the common one is what i am referring to. My journey starts in 1996 from the place named Kargil, I was there when i was around 3 years old. In  the six months i have stayed, frankly speaking i remember none. But pictures my parents took remain, the greenery and the grandeur of the place is unmatchable. The peace and the silence vibrating from the green is still priceless to my eye. 1997, Meerut, the place which made the most amazing jelebi and has the most vibrant crowd. I spent my 3 beautiful years here, learning various aspects of life from my parents, my teachers and my friends. People say ideals and notions start emerging inside one at the age of 10, I will say yes they do. 2000, Leh-Ladakh, True beauty of this place was understood by me only after i left the place. Mountains were so huge that their shadows used to create low temperatures in those areas. The Magnetic point where the car could virtually be pulled up front with out engine force ( mind you the road was plain ) . Khardungla pass, the highest road at 18000 Ft is one place where i would request people to visit. The snow covered mountains, from that height, looks so beautiful that i remember comparing it to vanilla ice cream with blue berry topings. This is place where i learnt what echo is, it’s seriously fun.

Rest of the journey to follow with the course of time.


What do you think?

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