Life is a maze and love is a riddle ~ lenka


The play between the loves’ of life and the reality is abysmally difficult to comprehend. Breaking our heads to get the logic behind the scenes is way too much to ask for, the best alternative left out is to sit back enjoy the movie with popcorn and coke. This movie is one which plays on till our last breath and believe me it is nothing different than our own bollywood formula. In short, 5 songs and all is well climax, what else do an average Indian want. But the moment one tries to move the veil off and look carefully to find, that our stories are not that different. People have dreams similar in intention but only the degree varies. This makes the content alone a variable, leaving the form same.
The external qualities are only an exaggeration of our thoughts, as internal you will remain more or less the same.
When the exaggeration is kept aside and looked at the world ahead, we only find monotony but that’s one sacrifice we need to make for eternal peace.
‘Universality for peace lies in commonality of us’.


What do you think?

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