Beauty of Passing Day.

“Readying themselves to fly, they prepare to take the initial jump knowing that the beauty lies in believing in oneself and one’s ability to solve their problems. Spreading their wings and flying high with their heads held high.” 

Our day starts with the existing problems in our lives and the task ahead, which we try to find a fix to solve it. In a human life, problems are part of our living. They come and share dressing table with us, staring us with their horrific looks and sounds. Its like a crime thriller where we need to see the climax to relax ourselves, but if the problems were so simple to solve then how do we find our lives so dynamic and beautiful. So ultimately we don’t find the climax we are looking for, and end up biting few more pills to take care of the anxiety. In meantime, something beautiful happens that is we fall asleep which provides us much needed rest and making our thinking fresh and tuned to the surrounding. Next day, we do carry the tonnage but with a new intensity and belief, believe it or not, it does allow us to find the fix. The play of nature is so amazing that, few other problems prop up along the previous solution giving us a new direction and new energy to live for.

If we observe the day cycle closely we find that answers to our problems are within our mind but locked somewhere and key is misplaced. Dreams provide a platform to find that key to unlock and decipher the mysteries of our lives. It shows us that keys are numbered and time must be taken to match the number on the lock with the key.

Finding the climax of our problem does give us relief but also satisfaction of achieving a framework to solve the problem. This experience is also passed on to the needy so that there disillusionment gets demystified and allowing one to fly high with their burdens unshackled from their wings.



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