The Driving Enigma.

Magic in you arises when you select your passion as your goal, in return you simply end up doing wonders. The fascination which attracts you, which pulls you along and which makes you dream, thats your passion, thats your destiny. Different paths will lead you to the same position, with a few extra steps in one while few less in other. There would have been instances when you might have ended up staring some narrative with your eyes wide open and would be pleased to listen to it once more. Longing for the fascination drives you to achieve that narrative and become part of it.

It would be pleasing to achieve but on the other hand disheartening to see it fail, nevertheless the struggle must go on. Small steps make one capable of the giant leap, in the same manner, it’s sub structure which defines the strength of the superstructure. I would like to take one such narrative which is way closer to my heart.

People say that solidarity is now not essentially provided by religion but it’s the national sentiment which provides the essence of the collectivity. Indian nationalism is no less, the patriotism which binds people is immense. I am no different, though a globalized world i along with others dream of seeing our nation take large strides in development and become role model for the existing nations. The dream is in progress for its fulfillment and one day we will find our dream a reality.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but zealous hard work is required. The road is long but we do have the belief that success is within reach only with few commitments which we must promise to fulfill. Success won’t occur if the diversity of india is not involved, so we require an inclusive march towards the goal. And national Interest must be prior to our self interest. Democracy doesn’t stop at voting, but at making sure the system is accountable to every vote. We must be the change we want to see, then only success is within reach.

Ending with quote which is quintessential to the above account:

“Magic is always within you, it only requires a spark to see how beautiful it crystallizes.” 




2 thoughts on “The Driving Enigma.”

  1. ” The road is long but we do have the belief that success is within reach only with few commitments which we must promise to fulfill ” – this is such an inspiring line and something that definitely must be remembered! Great post, thank you for liking my last post and leading me to your blog. Where did you get your last quote from?


    1. Thanks a lot for the comment! I actually loved the way you wrote in your article, with different point of views, leading to a beautiful conclusion. And the quote in this one is written by me 🙂


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