Finish Line.

There is a sense of calmness all around us, when we are just about to cross the finish line. It’s as if the world has stopped before us, and glued their eyes towards the line with a surprising silence in their face. A mood of victory is about to begin and doom of sadness is about to fade out. Those seconds are the most precious part of one’s life, they stay with us till we rest in peace.

Then comes the moment of victory, the first person to know is oneself. This was never about the result but the journey which was undertaken for the result. There lies the beauty and no one knows it better than oneself. The effort is declared a miracle. But the fact remains that it was the relentless effort which made the victory look like magic.

The final instant, before the fireworks begin – we look up, trying to find someone in midst of the cloudy sky. There is a smile which follows the search as if we have found someone in the infinity above us.

We did indeed find someone, we find ourselves along with the people who have supported us in every corner of life; they are looking upon us and smiling. And then we smile back.


Mist and the life ahead.

Inspiration comes from the most unexpected places; the ploy is in seeing them the way they have shown themselves, that is in their purest sense. The roads which are not taken have a layer of mist surrounding them, getting them a tag of being haunted. In reality, we seriously don’t know. The only way ahead is to pass through the mist and look the castle standing ahead of it. The trick is there may not be always a castle waiting to be occupied, it could be a barren land with no person around. Now comes the inspiration in the small things part – we did get a free land with no one to stop us in our adventure. And who knows, we might even build a number of the castles being talked about. It’s just in the perception, anything and everything is worth trying and even more worthy in failing.

Its not the failure which haunts us but the will, which we search for, to rise again. The task is not daunting as seen by or as shown by, its merely the mist which is sinking in the trauma. We all know what lies ahead and that’s the reason we move. By chance we don’t, there is another check which starts acting. The place gets so used to that we start feeling to suffocate, it’s as if there is no oxygen left to breathe. What next, we move. Don’t know where but the will to live does take us to some place, surely far away from the status quo. It might happen, though a slight possibility, that the mist might get lighter and the journey ahead more easier and clear.

Let us put it in a simple manner – Castles are not built on air, but on the very land we live on. They need not be magnanimous to others but to us. Life gives us what we look forward for and its upon us to decide. Image



Life’s Endless Loop.

“The obsession of making a mistake in future, makes you commit one in the present.”

Walking down the lane with different voices raising inside my head, trying to curb them by pushing the earphones deeper. But the voices keep getting louder be it the favorite song which is running on the loop. The reason is quite simple, we never stopped thinking about the stuff which we didn’t want to. It’s like running in a closed circle, faster one runs faster he lands up at the same place . 

Suddenly, i find a van charging towards me from behind, and all of a sudden i start running to save my life. The van outpaces me easily, instead of bouncing me off, it makes an abrupt stop. The backdoor opens, throwing high intensity of light which blinds my sight for a while. And when i regain my sight, i am in the bed sweating. Trying to calm myself down and in a process of getting something to drink, i venture out of my room. A strange shout of ‘Help’ and then a sound occurring at the very next minute “Run”. Then there are these loud footsteps which increase their intensity with seconds ticking on. Next moment, I am running again, don’t know why. As soon as i open the main door and take my first step out, i experience a fall into a dark, deep pit. Then i wake up again…

These situations which gave me a nightmare over a nightmare are nothing but problems, problems of one’s life. At first we know what we are having a problem with and if we allow it to grow on us then we would only forget what really our problem was and reason we are running for. Stand up and face the problem with its horns. Only by toppling the problem we grow, not by avoiding them. For that we need the most important friend of one, “Hope”. Hope comes from believing in oneself and therefore its us who decide how we plan our life to be. It can be that highway journey of your dream where you see no repetitions or a tape which is running on a loop for ages. Choice is all yours