Life’s Endless Loop.

“The obsession of making a mistake in future, makes you commit one in the present.”

Walking down the lane with different voices raising inside my head, trying to curb them by pushing the earphones deeper. But the voices keep getting louder be it the favorite song which is running on the loop. The reason is quite simple, we never stopped thinking about the stuff which we didn’t want to. It’s like running in a closed circle, faster one runs faster he lands up at the same place . 

Suddenly, i find a van charging towards me from behind, and all of a sudden i start running to save my life. The van outpaces me easily, instead of bouncing me off, it makes an abrupt stop. The backdoor opens, throwing high intensity of light which blinds my sight for a while. And when i regain my sight, i am in the bed sweating. Trying to calm myself down and in a process of getting something to drink, i venture out of my room. A strange shout of ‘Help’ and then a sound occurring at the very next minute “Run”. Then there are these loud footsteps which increase their intensity with seconds ticking on. Next moment, I am running again, don’t know why. As soon as i open the main door and take my first step out, i experience a fall into a dark, deep pit. Then i wake up again…

These situations which gave me a nightmare over a nightmare are nothing but problems, problems of one’s life. At first we know what we are having a problem with and if we allow it to grow on us then we would only forget what really our problem was and reason we are running for. Stand up and face the problem with its horns. Only by toppling the problem we grow, not by avoiding them. For that we need the most important friend of one, “Hope”. Hope comes from believing in oneself and therefore its us who decide how we plan our life to be. It can be that highway journey of your dream where you see no repetitions or a tape which is running on a loop for ages. Choice is all yours




6 thoughts on “Life’s Endless Loop.”

  1. We do learn from our mistakes, just the time of realisation varies. May be the natural tendency of us might stand altered 🙂 hope always remain.


  2. Brilliantly written, a very crisp narration of the endless loop of ups-downs, darkness-light, hope-despair that we find ourselves in!


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