Finish Line.

There is a sense of calmness all around us, when we are just about to cross the finish line. It’s as if the world has stopped before us, and glued their eyes towards the line with a surprising silence in their face. A mood of victory is about to begin and doom of sadness is about to fade out. Those seconds are the most precious part of one’s life, they stay with us till we rest in peace.

Then comes the moment of victory, the first person to know is oneself. This was never about the result but the journey which was undertaken for the result. There lies the beauty and no one knows it better than oneself. The effort is declared a miracle. But the fact remains that it was the relentless effort which made the victory look like magic.

The final instant, before the fireworks begin – we look up, trying to find someone in midst of the cloudy sky. There is a smile which follows the search as if we have found someone in the infinity above us.

We did indeed find someone, we find ourselves along with the people who have supported us in every corner of life; they are looking upon us and smiling. And then we smile back.


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