Feeling Alive.

The days when we feel are we alive? Does our life have any purpose? Does it? Why do we feel the way we are feeling at that very minute?

Then we undergo the severe introspection part, try seeing life from every point of view available. To know are we worth something. But what we do in process is start viewing us from the others’ point of view. Thereby ending up doing things what others will like us to be doing. But this is not the way we want to live, if given a chance. Living on our terms takes guts, as lapses of loneliness will also be following. There might be strings of losses and misery making us question the path we have chosen. But never we must feel conquered. The soul is unconquerable, be it any number of problems or tensions in life, we must not be afraid. Taking the pain along and standing up for oneself, keeping the belief and marching forward.

The day might end and begin again, but we sit in the kingdom of our struggle, smiling.
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.
~ Invictus.


11 thoughts on “Feeling Alive.”

  1. So true!! We normally end up in the whirlpool of others’ expectations of us that we forget to live our lives our way.
    “In the end, it is only I who matter to my self and no one else”


  2. “Living on our terms takes guts, as lapses of loneliness will also be following.” – so, so true!

    Your writing is lovely – you ask a lot of the questions I often ask myself, too. 🙂

    Wishing you peace,



      1. Hey Roopesh –

        I’m so happy to connect as well 🙂 If you look under my name here in this comment, is there a place where you can check the little circle that says “Follow”? If you click it you should get my updates in WP. . .

        That way we can follow each other through WordPress. I would love that!

        Let me know ~ Allison


      2. Oh wow, no kidding. That is ashame, thank you for connecting I’m glad it could still work out. I wonder how everyone else is following me!? WordPress is baffling sometimes.


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