Reality’s artificiality.

There are times when we aren’t happy in our present world, so we start tweaking it for making it more comfortable for us. In the process we try defining a new set of rules and a new set of goals. This in turn creates a new world, a virtual one. Here we try looking and defining the past moments in a way which would make us happy. We start creating loops within that and possibly become lost in them. In process, we lose our present.

Why does this happen?

Because we are slightly unhappy and less trying for making the reality look better. The Worlds we end up creating are part of our creativity which in reality doesn’t have limits. This state of being completely unaware of the time being lost and opportunities being missed, is hard to counter. Especially when we are going through one of our worst phases, as these states continue to occur in a never ending sequence. There is no solution as such, but only self realization which is bound to happen when we are made to open our eyes. The problem comes with the amount of time being lost which never comes back. People do soothe in that there are plenty of opportunities in life, we just need to grab them. But I would say, once an opportunity lost is gone forever. The one which comes next is a newer opportunity leading to a new destination.

So here we go, lets start breaking those bubble of artificiality as soon as possible, thereby blurring the lines of reality with it. Hence making sense of the present and destining ourselves for the future. Life is indeed what we make of it and universes are always interlinked, never isolated.


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