The Time Machine.

Basic definition of Time Machine: A machine which takes us to different phases of time which have already passed away or preparing to be passed.
If we start mixing the technology with a part of psychology we can get a way to understand a crude time machine existing with every person. Let’s see how.
Taking the veil off the existential machine, we only end up finding it to be the human mind. The speciality of the mind is to create the probabilities of occurrence of an event with a amazing lot of partiality to the individual. So the biased assumptions makes us create a new reality of the past or the future.
When we start putting our mind to work, and think about the events which passed by, we either end up modifying the event or changing the event altogether. Ending up in an endless chain of thoughts about if this (in general) would have happened, the story would have been different.
Now measuring the future by the chance occurrences of the ongoing events, making it easier to predict, though a biased prediction. Making the petty calculations to reach the ultimate destiny is one of the examples which the time machine allows us to see.
Now if these biased or crude time machines are aligned in such a way, that the events occcurs within the range of these aligned machines, then we would have succeeded in creating the required phases of time, unbiased and true.
Overall context: A mix of distinct subjects does give us a sea full of perceptions leads us to new discoveries which ultimately unleashes a new world around us.
Note: Confusion is an existential quality that one possesses which allows the mind to wander and create new limits of destiny.


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