The Concept of Love.

Cliched topic like Love can have so many creative definitions that we might not find it cliched any more. So what can love be defined as? Is it a feeling? Is it happiness? Is it visible?

Love is something which can only be understood when we feel it, swirl in the loop created by it and smile even when we drown with it. It can be found from the most unpleasant states, lets say pain of leaving or suffering of disrupted relation or plain simple sorrow. A never ending ocean with the waves flashing on the shore creating those ripples within, the joy of coming close and moving away cannot be explained better than this. Never so close and Never so far has been the philosophy which tends to get molded with time with minor adjustments as there is no one is perfect for one another, its just that we overlook a few and embrace the other. Overlooking doesn’t mean being unaware, but accepting the flaws too.

Quenching of heart when the drowning begins, signifying the end of beautiful story, is only a major tectonic movement which makes room for another, similar to a volcanic eruption. The more the time volcano remains inactive, more painful it gets to end, as the blisters end up flaring high on the sky. It doesn’t mean that every story has to end, because there are stories which are perpetual and continue till the life goes on. Like a peaceful ocean, where the ripples are hardly felt or are automatically adjusted.

Thereby I would say, Love, which is eternal, is like an ocean – Infinite and Calm. So loosen your sails and march towards the high winds, Captain.