The City of Maria’h

Note: Its been over a month since I have written or blogged, so made it a point to myself to write any possible thing which strikes a chord with my mind. So here it goes.

// Work of fiction//

There is a blanket of smoke engulfing the city, allowing no air to escape or enter. The temperature, as such, had started increasing while the clouds were getting darker with every strike they made. Tinsel town of Maria’h which lay in the periphery of the city had become the only area with a bit of fresh air and clean water. The town wasn’t developed as the city was, but the people did live in their houses, content and happy like they were wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

The free wind was let loose and we could see the cowboy hats raising high in the air, they were a quite a number of them! But I had to narrow my vision to this girl who was walking unperturbed in midst of the heaviest wind of the recent times. She had a strange zeal to move ahead, a shade of sorrow in her face, keeping her eyes fixed to the ground.

Sand storms were common, as the desert lay a few miles away from the place; nowadays there were discreet packets of desert settling from place to place. The poles were being uprooted and cars flying along the wind, like the UFO’s of 2020’s. The girl still was walking, which seemed more of walking towards her own doom, as the storm got only intense with her every step from the place i stood watching.

I had to make an effort to pull her away and myself, or the dancing pole would have taken us for a ride to heaven. She was breathing heavily, shivering with cold, but the episode of sorrow on her face didn’t die down. She wasn’t sacred or moved by the incident, that made me feel that she has nothing to live or look forward in life. It was her decision to die by walking the path of death, where i had interrupted and thereby spoiling her plans.

What could I have done, let her go and see another person die in front of my eyes. “I just couldn’t, I just couldn’t…”

The radio started buzzing in and the daily news was on; A beautiful voice from the radio started telling the most terrible things happening in our beautiful world. She goes on ” Good Morning Listeners, the weather conditions are here to stay for another 6 weeks which can cause serious disruptions in the relief and rescue action being carried out by the government. President has asked us to keep faith and hope to make us live an another day, and he also claimed…..”

Suddenly a voice from behind, ” I am hungry” the girl said. I ventured into the kitchen and brought the last loaf of bread and shared it with her.

“Whats your name, girl?”

“Lisa”, she said.

Part 1 Ends.


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