The Evergreen Song.

Syncing in with dissimilar tastes of melody and the melancholy of the beautiful song, words just run through the fingers to create something beautiful. There are different moods which a simple song conveys to us. Lets rest upon a few to get a sincere view of that evergreen song which runs wide in our life.

A growing reverence of solitude as the days pass by, we come more closer to the reality of what we are and what constraints we possess within. Sheer notion of being truly free, allows one to do that little ‘kamaal’ (wonderful act) in life which ultimately grows upon us to become a way ahead.

Act of craziness, a famous quote which i recollect said something like this ” If you were never crazy in life, then i believe you never lived one”. This is when we reach the pinnacle of a mood change; here, exactly here, we know the levels of craziness we can put ourselves in. Mostly, in my opinion, they are indeed embarrassing but yet we need to accept as it is none but us. Sometimes, the best fun possible is also had in those moments.

State of normalcy, its becoming part of the society which we once left; it happens slowly with understanding and experiences. The mundane part of life becomes consciously entrenched similar to the stanzas of a song which are repeated para after, as if we are waiting for that change in tune to bring back our senses, that we are indeed listening to a song.

So how does the song end? Does it really end? Or chimes still ring abuzz in our heads? I believe it doesn’t end, its evergreen as it becomes part of us. The state of normalcy is achieved, and its purpose achieved with nothing left for the song to do. But there is this wonderful saying I heard from King Khan himself, “Jo Kuch Nahi Karte, Woh kamaal Karte he” ; It means ” the ones who do nothing, end up doing something really wonderful”. Every song is magical and every word has a meaning which we connect with life, its always been and it will always be my lifeline to writing.



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