The Diaries of Maria’h – 1.

August 26th, 2027 

Blissful morning which has set in after a rainy night, the fragrance of the air which fills in every house of Maria’h has always brought a smile on my face. But that wasn’t the reason i was smiling, it was because of my daughter who was only born a day ago. Those tiny hands and the little nose, which actually resembled mine, was making me wonder at the most beautiful person i have ever seen. Taking her on my hand and laying close to my chest and whispering in her ear “Daddy is going to take care of you till his last breath, and from now on everything which he will do is for you and your mom”.  Keeping her close and watching her sleep on my shoulder, and then my eyes drifting up to the sky to thank that person who is far away from us, and the reply appears with a tinkle in the sky. 

Happiness is always available in discreet packets which vaporize after a while and would be needed to be filled up again, every day, every hour or maybe every minute. It was no different with me too, the promise which i made to my daughter, i could never fulfill and that makes me grieve more than anything.

Its only been a decade since these anomalies have set in, the fragrance, the bliss, everything seems to have disappeared in the wild dust which has enclosed the city. Watching Lisa’s reflection on the glass shade, watching her sleep makes me realize that i have a chance to redeem myself. And I wonder, how is that possible? Nature has unleashed its fury, and mankind has been left with no option other than to sit and watch the crumbling or the new beginning.


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