The Ruffling of a Wind.

The winds in my head, sometime they reign strong while sometimes act as if they never existed. Ruffling the concentrating brain, breaking the tired hope, dictating its terms to my senses. Biasing every view i see, steering away the purity and making the brain dip continuously in the unholy waters of embarrassment. The winds carry the moments of despair once faced or the possible future situation which are likely to affect, bringing a screen of sadness and enveloping the entire mood into it.

What shall i do? shall i be left conquered? shall i move or watch with silence as the winds destroy every castle of my dream? What shall i do?

Watching oneself get bloody, though the ooze is not visible but only felt, then pleading with the wind to spare the most desired castle of yours. Crying your hearts out, but the sense of helplessness sinking in; Tears slowly start disappearing and madness starts to follow. The castle of my dream, my possible destiny, can i let it be destroyed. It’s as if you lift the weapon to fight for your last breathe of freedom and happiness. The blood has oozed so much, that you fail to notice it anymore while the sight remains fixed on the half destroyed castle as if there is nothing more to live about. You start running towards the possible doom, the powerful wind, which might destroy you but believe me there is nothing left to be destroyed. As you start your sprint, the air starts flowing behind you, an anti wind. Closing in on the distance, there is a slow and steady flight into air, the anti wind had become like the magic carpet of our dreams.

The anti wind becomes a speeding razor, cutting across the wind and clearing the dark clouds around. As we lay our eyes on the destroyed castle, there is a new wind ruffling your ears now, ” We can make a new one, master”.

Inspiration behind the post: “Once you leave away all the ones which weigh you down, your start feeling your wings and the flight to destiny becomes just a matter of time”. 



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