Maria’h Diaries – The Nature’s Fury.

City of Maria’h 

21st September 2021

Drops of previous shower had stayed back on the leaves with the clouds staying on their agreed location and thereby not allowing the great sun to rise through. Darker the clouds became, intense the sound had become; a thunder after thunder rattled the roofs. But the dew which had settled in wasn’t because of this, not even remotely connected to this. The nature was saddened by the grief of a middle-aged man whose tears haven’t dried up either and have stayed put. The wind seemed to have come to a standstill, and the darkening of the cloud provided a shadow over the man like a protective mother.  And the clouds clashed again to see thunder resonate with grief. 

One sudden day when things were thought to have been stabilizing, a small lightning had wrecked a house and killed all the people inside. Wreckage wasn’t restricted to only the people but also a person who had arrived a day later to see his fate crumble to dust. He had lost his everything, his daughter, his wife; the only persons who he really cared about and lived for.  

Holding a doll in his hand which he had promised his daughter to get from the town, he just couldn’t raise his head to look above and even curse the Gods who had done this to him. He wept till the time he lost his consciousness and kissed the ground to take him to heaven, to be reunited with his family. But the ground wasn’t strong to send him there, so they decided to march him as a soldier of their own. The person rose from the ground after a few hours, to cry some more and fall down again. Finally, he stood his ground to realize that the reason behind the anomalies wasn’t the nature but the man himself. And the soldier which the nature dreamt of and had been weeping for, had started to take his baby steps in the direction to save them from further humiliation.

Afternote: The conditions of the place wasn’t like this always, however the climate was deteriorating with the rising pollution which had already reached the threshold levels. But the process of deterioration got its impetus from the series of nuclear tests that were conducted a few years ago. The misery, which was thought to have ended with the test, had only aggravated with time as they had to get ready to face one of the worst furies of nature that the mankind had ever seen.


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