The Judgemental Me.

The Bright spot on ever dark body is one to be intrigued upon, but a black spot on a seemingly, high voltage, bright body would  be viewed with a wide skepticism. A glass being half filled would be looked on with optimism by a thirsty traveller but a notion of half empty glass being stirred in first, would surely hurt his thirst at that very instant. A holistic picture does occur but after our due share of judgements and prejudices. The time exactly between the initial reaction to a final conclusion, a person can go deep down the evaluation line, swimming in the transfusion between waters of scepticism and optimism. And fodder of thoughts which follow are hard to go by, adding on to one’s evaluative world.

Does the pessimism come to humans naturally or is it fed into our system, may be in relation with the cultural moorings which one grows up in. The evaluation begins with oneself as the society keeps unfurling more and more with each day of our lives. Gradually shifting or simultaneously evolving into a general rating system, thus accepting the status quoist line of the society.

But the wonderful aspect of one’s life is that we are continuously evolving and becoming a better person with every passing day. The line or the ratings keep getting rational to an extent of disappearance of the already blurred lines. Every scenario is seen in an independent frame of mind, giving the judgement a considerable time before it finally occurs.

The Judgemental Me is a satire on our society which has become more and more judgemental and biased in its opinion, with prejudices rocking our already sinking boat. There are innumerable perspectives around us which we have to find time to look into and get a rational teeth in order to bite us in, if we start getting over-judgemental about the people around, including oneself. We have been alienated from ourselves from the moment we had started putting on the veil of prejudice that had been handed to us from our environment. It’s better to break these shackles to realise our the oneness among many, and most essentially reuniting with oneself.



What do you think?

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