A walk on the beach.

“Not all who wander are lost’ – anonymous.

The moonlight grazing the waters, providing sparks of brilliance laying an open challenge to the stars which were shining up above the sky. Water gushing down, tingling the feet cold, but the night remained warm. The insects chirping their way breaking the silence of the sparkling waves, but the conversation never seemed to end.

Walking along the beach, holding hand in hand, and watching the moon pass a smile onto us with a gentle tide passing over our feet. Breeze had been flowing with a decent speed, ruffling her hair which had kept falling on her face. She making an effort to keep the hair off, so that the eye contact is still maintained, that was to see me be awestruck by her never ending and most beautiful smile. Passing a giggle for every talk we kept having, ranging from the bartender who had just served us our drinks to her families’ constant issues about when she is going to get married. Dressed in a white colored sheath, holding on carefully to her heels with one hand and managing to be at complete ease, which made me like her a little more.

Crossing a couple, in their mid-fifties, and listening them sing “my love, you will always be my endless love…” made us wonder does the concept of endless love be true in this generation of social media where love breaks and joins without much emotions or a real bond existing between the two. Our past experiences haven’t been great either, many mishits and lot many misfires. A silent stare towards one another, but we didn’t have an answer; though we surely knew that it will take time to for us to decide whether love could really be endless. Breaking the silence, she asked me where we were heading, for which I had just answered with a nod.

Confused but still lost in the little world we have created for ourselves, enjoying our over the top talks. “Do you believe in God? Does a shooting star really make our wish come true (we surely did have our laughs in regard with this!)?” and many more. The conversation was more like a poetry, rhyming its way through and replies getting sync with the words what the other had said. There was something magical which was unfurling, a lot of commonalities had emerged between us and the much-needed closeness.

Leaning towards the isolated boat which had dragged its way inside the coast, placing the bottle of wine and the glasses which I had carried for a while now. Enjoying our drink, getting ourselves lost in the beauty of the stars above and the mystical voice of the waves flowing across our senses. Lyrics of each other’s life were being rewritten in a more benevolent way, which we were singing it to the ocean ahead who in turn had made the waves dance along.

Taking her hand along, singing a self-written composition and doing a small dance jig, with nature standing testimony to the emotion evolving there. We danced till the moon faded away into sun’s brilliance, and never knew when we had our forty winks and when we transcended into our dreams. Though what happened was nothing short of a dream.

Part-1 ends.

Series to be continued, with new glances into a story between two people who with every day are falling in love with each other a little more.

Love is not extraordinary in itself, it is these moments which make a mark and make it magical. So do keep the spark lighted. Leaving with a quote of continuity to the series, “Love always leaves a part of you with the other, while we treasure a part of them with ourselves.” 


4 thoughts on “A walk on the beach.”

  1. I don’t really believe in romance and find it a little awkward. Sorry, haven’t really been a fan of it. But you wrote it ..well .. temptingly (if that’s even a word). I mean the description is so beautiful I almost felt the water trickle down my toes.
    Truly Magical!
    And check out my last post-you are in it. Haha 😀


  2. No one actually believes in romance, until they are in it; so it’s not awkward at all 😀 Conversations on the beach are always special and beautiful! I am thankful that you could connect with it. Check the comment on your post 😛


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