The Maturing Light.

Maturing light of a lamp

in a cold breezy evening,

flickering towards its left

and forth,

but never losing its shine

in any adversity.

Startled and Puzzled,

the boy sat next to the lamp

trying to hold the fire

within him and within the lamp.

Murmuring the story of

Aladdin and the magic lamp,

wondering the three wishes

he would choose,

believing his lamp was the one.

Hunger quenching up his stomach,

cold shivering up his body,

and the breeze making him stammer,

the lamp wondered,

“What would my master ask

from me?”

And the boy dazzled the lamp

With the choices he had made,

the ones which no other had made.

So he began his song of happiness,

“Food so much that no one

suffered any longer.

The sun so bright

that the cold could disappear.

And the breeze so fright,

that the aroma begins to fill.”

So pure were his choices

that even the mundane lamp

wanted to turn magical,

to witness something even

more majestic,

like the maturing light of a lamp.


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