The Unconquerable

Sounds of tapping feet
Slowly gaining their momentum,
Sirens kept buzzing the place
Reminding the enemy
That its only a matter of time.

Matter of time before
They lay their arms down,
Matter of time before
They could make their last shot,
Matter of time before its all over.

Unexpected can happen
When you least expect it
But not when you least try;
So be it, the bullets whistled past the ears
knocking the man out of the convoy.

A retaliation was never expected
And thy never prepared for, by the convoy,
leaving the ground open for
the will to act to prosper by playing the role
which a solution plays for the problem.

When situations such as these get gloomy
And chances of survival are low
Defiance it will be and will always be
To breed a new genre into the souls
Of the upcoming era of civilisation.

Unbowed and unsilenced, the head
Will remain always strong
With an unconquerable thirst
For freedom and for happiness
In the ventures we thrive to enter.



When words realize

the wings on their own,

they take a leap to feel the flight

away from the burden of their own.

Like the water gliding

through the petals of a rose,

Unaware of the destiny they are heading

but sparkling their way all along the dive.

Wings that provide

the thoughts of reason,

that made even the great Aristotle

to sit and wonder, what the reason was.

Smile of Philosophy began the day

when the light of question started with a ‘why’,

And the quest seems to never end

as every time the answer ends, it ends with a ‘why’.

So when reason starts to drip

with every question we ask,

we start to sparkle like the water

dipping on the petals of a rose.

“Little Diamonds” 🙂

Elegance of Nature

Floundering through the grass
Of the nearby park,
I smell a rave of freshness
Budding across the dark.

Leaves have gone dry
Among the trees around,
While the rain passes its gift
Among the leaves on the ground.

A new life becomes awakened
Through the sacrifice of the cloud,
While the spirit is passed on
to the people living all around.

Encouraging them to inspire the rest
to save the former,
By allowing the nature to prosper
against the razor out in anger.

The Mystic Winter.

Winter has been on a rise
With an eye open for revenge,
The state is unarmed
as it remains unharmed by the charge.

Wind hassling its way through
With the new found vengeance,
Biting the merry go people
as the sun goes down without any appearance.

I still prefer the cold
As we survive with the layers upon,
It’s the summer heat which makes me ponder
as it takes out the layer within to live upon.

Masks lay barren over the very soil
Which we had exiled out to exist,
True reality strikes a chord
as the misshapen events try to resist.

Summer of life is eternal
As the feelings of cold seem to disappear,
It’s the winter which makes all the lies reappear
giving a hide to the ghosts of yesteryear to disappear.

I still prefer the cold
As we survive with the layers upon,
It’s the summer heat which makes me ponder
as it even takes out the layer within to live upon.

Why do we fall?

Step by step we move,
Trying to reach the destiny
we fear to lose.

Path starts to get enlightened
With the blaze set on loose,
Fearing the fire, we start to hesitate.

Alternatives are fixed
While the path to destiny
Seems to be all mixed.

Wavering through these,
We trace our path back
to the one set on blaze.

Quenching for water
to put the thirst at rest
than the fire ahead.

We move towards our destiny
All brave and all amazed
As the baggage of fear is dropped away.

Standing at the end of our journey
We whisper into the ears of our children
Why do we fall?

*To learn to pick ourselves up and move ahead in the direction of our destiny 🙂

Three Words.

Tables set right
Plates all arranged
While the ballroom
Interest never died.

People gathered all around
To watch the music
Which they failed to listen,
As they stood their ground.

The music flowed
Through the steps
Of the newly wed couple
Who blemished the world all around.

Eye seemed to follow the bride
As the groom never saw
Someone as beautiful
And as happy as she.

Whispering the three
words so beautiful
That made the groom
Gesture his shyness in silence.

Placing herself on his shoulder
She began to dream
Of a life full of happiness
And excitement.

He nodded with a smile
As if he had read the thoughts
Running in her mind
And replying with a line
“You complete me”