The Unconquerable

Sounds of tapping feet
Slowly gaining their momentum,
Sirens kept buzzing the place
Reminding the enemy
That its only a matter of time.

Matter of time before
They lay their arms down,
Matter of time before
They could make their last shot,
Matter of time before its all over.

Unexpected can happen
When you least expect it
But not when you least try;
So be it, the bullets whistled past the ears
knocking the man out of the convoy.

A retaliation was never expected
And thy never prepared for, by the convoy,
leaving the ground open for
the will to act to prosper by playing the role
which a solution plays for the problem.

When situations such as these get gloomy
And chances of survival are low
Defiance it will be and will always be
To breed a new genre into the souls
Of the upcoming era of civilisation.

Unbowed and unsilenced, the head
Will remain always strong
With an unconquerable thirst
For freedom and for happiness
In the ventures we thrive to enter.


What do you think?

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