The Unfinished Story.

Dug deep inside the sweater with the muffler tied across, and the wind blowing through the ears which have already gone cold beyond sensation. The weather has its say while we beg to differ, to avoid the further numbness and the further frail. Below all these physical adversities, I dwell across the thought which has grown long, owing to its often recurrence…

New Delhi , 21st December 2013

Sleep has been coming all natural and all the more long, defying the very needs by making one more lax than ever. It has been almost six months since I graduated, but yes thinking about college life, especially the hostel part do bring back the memories which make us both happy and sad. Happy because we relive those moments but sad because we cannot live them in reality again. That winter night, the winter solstice one, which had started of all early, did leave me an experience that made me never forget it, no matter what. 

Hyderabad, 23rd December 2013

The train journey which ended in the morning had left me with a mark, a void which had possessed all the qualities to make my mind and my heart- its home for long that I had failed to recognise back then. On the way back in the Auto-Rickshaw, passing through the lanes of past which allowed me to diverge a little from the long but disguised void, and jump back into the times old but still precious. Those where the ones spent hovering across the necklace road, across the Buddha statue; the times which were spent on the much beloved “Hyderabadi Biryani”; the full house theaters, the ones prior to the present multiplexes…

And all of a sudden the Rickshaw takes a break as it made it to the destination which I had to reach early, and the thoughts along with the void were saved for a time suitable in the future. I climbed up along with the luggage making my footsteps all the more loud, and the surprise all the more less. But the door was still closed, and the excitement still intact. Beaming with a smile so large that the knock was harder than expected. And finally the door opens leaving me with a big shock.

New Delhi, 31st December 2013

Like the big budget movies which had returned or promised to return with their sequels, I finally saw the ‘over a weak old’ memory returning, making me a lot more curious. This time I had decided to speak, I badly wanted to. It was New Year’s Eve and we all had gathered around to have a grand buffet, and to celebrate the new year with good dishes in our little but large bellies. It was an hour before the midnight, and the place was getting warmer with new vibes flowing across from the dance floor. Across the bar, I saw someone who I had seen earlier, the one who left the mark which was very long to digest and too pervasive to hold. I started to walk across the floor while she turned further towards my direction. As I reached her table, she began to speak first and the words started to make me sweat in the cold winter which was at its best on that very night.

New Delhi, 1st January 2014

I woke up with the most beautiful smile I had in the recent times. But the reason which made me smile so wide, I didn’t know then that it would turn into the deepest of my griefs at one point of time in the future. I didn’t know that the smile of back then would remain only in the thoughts but not in reality.

But that day, It was special while the void had been temporarily closed or postponed for times later. The times like the one a year later when it had become all long and all pervasive, because of its often recurrence.

The story as the title suggests is unfinished which will be finished by an another story that would fill the gaps created by this one.

“In the myriad number of possibilities there lies a match which will provide a key to all the solutions, but is there a single key or a multiple of them is a question we ponder over and over again.”  



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