College Memories – 1

NIT Trichy, my beloved Alma matter where I had spent my four blissful years, which has contributed significantly to who I am today. It’s not about the engineering degree which I had enrolled into and cleared out of, but it’s something more than just that.

Different cultures interfacing for the first time and thus dispelling the earlier notions or prejudices one had carried from their families and previous surroundings. But this post of mine is not related to these cultures while it is towards those places in our campus which make these cultures come close.

The first year hostels which were close to fifty years old though refurnished and remodelled with time, did share the heritage with us which comprised of many batches which had passed through. The first experience far away from home is not always that pleasant, but the experience does get milder as we make our first friends in the campus. With the free air flowing through our minds and hearts, apart from the wardens sense of humour to impose rules which are framed to be constantly broken, though the acts remain mild in demeanour.

Food remains an essentiality no matter what and the solution for the ones who hate the hostel mess lies with the famous Road side Dhabas. That has provided the much needed solace for the non-vegetarians and even a few veggies for years now. The names though weird but food remained pleasant and within budget, with the names of Bamboos, Cholas, Selvam, Sam Fox and few upcoming ones close to the college spreading like wild fire as we move across the years, but this was the scenario as in 2013. There might surely be a few new surprises in this one year or so.

Presently thinking about the then diet, I manage to keep a thought alive that how was that possible to take in so much of food without any concern for the hygiene itself. Then I find an answer in the basics of dining together, that is when you dine with 6-7 people around ,which could go on to the count of over 20 during the birthday treats and all, then the conversations act as a self-stabilizer and helps digest the excess away.

Seriousness in academics follows a cosine curve, while the seriousness in extra-curriculars’ and movies takes the form of ever rising exponential curve. As we pass through our first year, the beauty of the college fests swipes you off your feet and the enjoyment just increases. It manifolds when your best buds are the ones you are working with. Fest over fest, work over work, life only grows and grows.

But the real happiness and the real satisfaction arise when you are back at your hostel, and you never ever feel alone no matter what situation you are into. The corridor becomes a playing ground, the TV room becomes a cheering ground when India plays while a battle ground when IPL or EPL starts to play. The chatter doesn’t stop and the lights are kept on even when almost all parts of the country are far asleep. Sense of calm and far less tension prevails there, allowing the best of the minds to experiment their dreams and the rest like us to at least chatter & enjoy in happiness.

These were only a part of the much cherished memories of college life, and as the time passes by, I find myself encountering one memory over the other. Every time they leave me with a smile bigger than the one before, may be as time moves ahead we only miss the college a lot more.


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