Bleeding the clouds to draw their first blood,

Causing the loud tremors to dominate,

One flexing their muscle over the other

Causing the darkness to overtake.

In heart of struggle for the identity

Opens a door to the eternity,

For providing the drop to the needy

Till the heavens decide to open by.

With the awakening of light in the sky,

Darkness with its tremors subside

While the clouds march back to prosperity

They leave behind the people below gratified.

Being the first post for this year, I tried dwelling for an emotion to write about. I tried to walk my way through nature, but I just couldn’t. I couldn’t because the rain didn’t allow me to, so I thought why not observe the dear rain itself. The beauty of rain is that it’s too selfless when it gives what is required, and this part of rain is what I have tried to highlight.

Happy 2015 🙂


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