The Shooting Star

Grazing the stars in the midnight sky,
I long for the shooting star to pass by
To make truce with my dreamed destiny
Of having a life short of misery.

A life which belongs not alone to me
But to all who remain cherished
In the world by calling it ‘ours’,
And caring for every form living along.

A community so large and so connected
Tweaks a notion of the old, true;
Behind every form, there remains a soul
that belongs to the same family as the other.

I still long for that shooting star
To blemish the differences created
Between the body and the soul,
And makes us awaken to the light of equality.

I am ready to slog for this light
By trying to become a part of them
Who make this meteor come alive,
giving us the hope for that shooting star to pass by.

The task up ahead is nothing short of a miracle
which requires hands one too many,
but we know miracles do happen
and this time its upon us to decide when.

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