The Forgotten Wishes

“Pick up the phone, Pick it up!” exclaimed the guy on my right.

I was actually reading a novel, a thriller one back then, when his voice shook me off. I was like why is this guy shouting so much, what’s his problem. I thought there was something serious that had happened, may be someone close to him has met with an accident. Before I could come to my conclusion, I was shaken up again while this time he physically moved me to get my attention.

Me: “What happened?”

Him: “Can I make a call, it’s really urgent.”

Me: Sure, go ahead; (handing my phone over to him)

He quickly dialled the number and started to wait anxiously for the other person to answer. This time, my number turned out lucky for him and he could finally listen to her voice again.

Him: Thank God, you picked up the call. I am sorry!

Her: It’s you; I don’t want to speak to you. ~ Cuts the call

The guy looks a bit embarrassed towards me, and asks can he make another call which I readily obliged, though keeping my weird conclusions with myself.

Him: Don’t cut the call and please listen. All the people at the airport are staring at me, please listen to me.

Her: Okay, but I am not going to believe any of your words, so I am telling you it’s of no use.

Him: Baby I am really sorry, I know I should not have forgotten about it. I was actually all vexed up with work and couldn’t contact you. I am sorry.

Her: You tell the same thing every time Dad; you even told me Mom would be here on my birthday, but she isn’t. Eight birthdays have passed and she still hasn’t shown up, does she really care about me?

Him: I am sorry I forgot to tell you, Mom actually couldn’t get the permission from the other angels to come down and meet you. She did tell me to wish you from her side and she surely loves you, even more than me. But you don’t worry, Dad would be there in another three hours and we could go to that burger place which you love.

Her: Really, hope I can see her soon, I love her…. Come home Dad, I Miss you!

Him: I miss you too! Daddy is planning to get you a lot of gifts, so be a nice girl and complete your homework before I get there.

Her: Sure I will, Love you Dad.

Him: Love you sweetheart! ~ Call ends.

He hands me over the phone with the greatest relief on his face and a pleasant thank you, which I return with a gentle smile.


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