Without you


In a peaceful looking café titled “CCD”, we find a young couple sitting together over a cup of coffee, trying to strike a conversation.  

Him: What do you think about life after death?

Her: Excuse me! I think we were on a date.

Him: Yeah we are. Sorry.

Her: It’s okay.

Him: What are your views on the religious fundamentalism growing in the middle-east?

Her: It’s wrong what’s happening there and needs to be stopped as soon as possible. But why are we talking about that. I think I will start the conversation this time.

Him: Okay.

Her: Very well, where do you work? How do you know Poorvi?

Him: I am doing my masters in mass communications, and Poorvi is my childhood buddy; she is closest to me apart from the nine imaginary friends I had.

Her: Oh my God, did you say imaginary?

Him: Yup, there is also Rico, who is with us now and is seated to your left. He says “Hello”.

Her: What?? You sound so creepy, Why the hell did I agree to come on this date? I hate you Poorvi, I hate you.

Him: Congratulations you have survived the Bazinga round of Ryan. Now we can have the normal conversation which I think you would like.

Her: You are truly creepy. And I am not going to believe anything you say, so please bugger off. ~ Moves away from her seat and starts walking out in anger

Him: (saying to himself) Another bites the dust; Poorvi you can bring it on and I can keep sending them off, flying.

Calls up Poorvi

Him: Even she is gone, not even ten minutes have passed by. I am telling you, only you can understand me, think about it; I love you.

Poorvi: ~Silence for a while; and then the call ends.

Phone rings again, this time for Ryan.

Her: Hello, Poorvi here. CCD at six.

Him: Okay madam, you are finally convinced, I think!

Her: I don’t think so, but I will explain.

Him: What?

Call Ends

After a couple of frantic calls by Ryan for which he doesn’t get a reply, he decides to head to the Café.

Ryan: What happened? Why such a sudden meeting?

Poorvi: You know why. You need to understand, I have very few days left and I want to live them happily. Don’t you get it!

Him: I do, but I just can’t live without you. I need you more than ever, and I want you to spend your last days with me.

Her: I am sorry, I just can’t see that look in your eyes where you pretend to be happy for me but you aren’t.

Him: How can I be? How can any fiancée be happy when he knows that the girl he wanted to marry is no longer going to be there with him forever.

Her: That’s why I am going away, I just can’t see myself as the reason for your pain.

Him: It’s just too late, It’s just too late!

Her: Ryan, you need to let me go, for your own good.

Him: I am sorry, I just can’t. Get married to me, I will live with your memories for the rest of my life. Just be there.

Her: I cannot leave you alone, that’s why I am trying to find someone special for you who you could live your life with. That would make me happy, more than anything else.

Him: You are not getting it. No one can make me feel special apart from you, and I won’t be alone after you leave. I would have our memories with me, and I am going to cherish them till I live. Please marry me, Poorvi.

Her: (Tears rolling down her cheek) I am sorry. (Leaves the Café and proceeds towards the doorway)

Him: (Swiftly moves towards her and catches her hand) Hold on! look into my eyes, I just need you, more than anything else in this world. You are my world, you are everything I could dream of or ever desired… Without you, there is no me, you complete me silly! Just don’t leave me like this, please.

Placing his hand over her head, and pulling her closer towards him; finally the words stopped their flow while emotions came out in open. They just couldn’t let the other go; they stayed there with their arms over one other, forgetting the world around while loving their world within.

Image Source: http://www.glogster.com/athenaphoenix123/without-you/g-6l050nbnfp5ts3vv658s1a0


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