Mystery eyes, shining lights, & that smile

It was almost night, when we decided to stop our search for clicking that perfect photo; it needed a lot of things to make it perfect, so satisfying all the criteria wasn’t easy. As we were passing through the market lane, the lights were switched on which allowed the neatly arranged bangles to shine and sparkle. The bangle market was abuzz with a lot of people and among them I found my perfect one.

As I was lazily carrying my camera, trying to focus on one of the bangle seller’s collection, someone pushed me aside as she tried making her way in front. A sudden streak of anger had burst in to my head as it took me a lot of time to adjust my lens for taking that close shot, but before I could say anything she had gone a long way ahead. I was just observing her; the anger had quickly turned into curiosity, I wanted to know how she looked. Then came the voice at that very minute, “Tara” and she turned back.

“Oh my God”, I said to myself. Continue reading Mystery eyes, shining lights, & that smile


The ‘Dream’ Kite

Flying my dreams on a windy day,
They soar a little and fall another,
Steadying the grip by pulling it close
For giving it the flight it much deserves.

The paranoia of fall dims my vision,
Becoming the dark cloud
That strikes lightning at will,
Matter of time when everything pours to nil.

I loosen the string further
To allow my dream to breathe,
Living was not a choice
But living for a dream is.

Freedom & Rain

Heaven lords dwarf their vision

as they let go their prized possession,

bestowing mankind with the freedom

to feel the chillness & yet feel warm.

Air gushes in with a wandering spirit,

touching the unmoved soul

and inspiring the hidden nature

to come out in open, to come out free. 


Just another love story!

I found myself lost in a dream
While I was thoroughly awake,
I felt my senses go numb
And my heartbeats go loud,
Then I heard the poet in me whisper
for the very first time,
“She is the angel you are looking for,
You will find your heaven only through her.”

“I was indeed lost”, I realized
“Is there a way out” I asked
For which the whispers fell silent,
Leaving me to ponder over my fate
Which I saw being clearly written with bold letters
By the very same angel with a devilish smile,
“You are doomed.”

#Attempt to convey the darker side of love through the darker side of humor !

The Continuity of Life

Walking down the crowded street, watching different types of people juggling their way out, I try to step aside & ponder.

Every person has their story and their set of experiences, and in some way or the other they get connected to us. It could be as simple as an acquaintance on the road where their simple smile could brighten up my day, making me cherish their presence till they blemish in my memories. Or it could be as complex as getting caught by my father’s friend when I try to experience my first puff of cigarette amid the crowded street. These memories start flying back to me as I re-join the crowd, trying to find a face familiar to whom I have seen before.

To my displeasure I couldn’t find a single one, but I did have a new set of people who left a mark on my memory, willing to be cherished for their sheer presence.

“ It’s not always right to expect the past to repeat but the essence of life depends on what the present is putting up on offer. So let’s cherish the life as it comes.”