Mystery eyes, shining lights, & that smile

It was almost night, when we decided to stop our search for clicking that perfect photo; it needed a lot of things to make it perfect, so satisfying all the criteria wasn’t easy. As we were passing through the market lane, the lights were switched on which allowed the neatly arranged bangles to shine and sparkle. The bangle market was abuzz with a lot of people and among them I found my perfect one.

As I was lazily carrying my camera, trying to focus on one of the bangle seller’s collection, someone pushed me aside as she tried making her way in front. A sudden streak of anger had burst in to my head as it took me a lot of time to adjust my lens for taking that close shot, but before I could say anything she had gone a long way ahead. I was just observing her; the anger had quickly turned into curiosity, I wanted to know how she looked. Then came the voice at that very minute, “Tara” and she turned back.

“Oh my God”, I said to myself.

She was trying to adjust her hair while her red dazzling dhuppata was flying backwards, the lights which were switched on in the market blended with her smile, outshining even the sparkling bangles all around. This all happened in that fraction of a second but I couldn’t miss even a single manoeuvre of hers. I was completely mesmerized. Before I could come back to my senses, she was gone. I tried holding my camera up to catch a glimpse of her but to no avail. I kept staring at the place she stood, replaying the minute details of her before my gang caught up with me & the only word which I replied was “Tara”.

Next morning: Lotus Temple, Delhi

After clicking our photographs from outside, we ventured into the temple which gave us that much needed silence. I could see my thoughts crawling out from my head, and ringing back to back images of her. As I tried to concentrate to keep my head steady, I felt this really bad urge to break the silence.

I just couldn’t sit normally, I wanted to jump in air and shout out loud, “Tara”. Because there she was seated in the front row while I couldn’t do a thing as I had to maintain the decorum of the place. I was anxiously moving left & right but the session wasn’t getting over. The five minutes we were inside felt like an hour for me. I wanted to speak to her, I wanted to click her photo, I wanted to ask her out, all these things kept popping one over the other. But my eyes were transfixed, I didn’t dare to move it any other side, I was just too scared to lose her again.

I quickly made my way towards her; she just got up to leave before I caught her off guard.

Ryan: Hey!

Tara: Giving a blind stare

Ryan: Hey, I am Ryan. I don’t think you know me. I saw you yesterday at the market place and now I am seeing you today at the Lotus temple. Can I? Will you? ~You need to calm down buddy or she will think you are some freak following her; you can handle this!

Tara: What?

Ryan: I am a photographer. Have you heard about “India Beats” magazine, I work for them. Over there, near the door, is my magazine gang. We are here to click our perfect photo but we couldn’t find anything even after our week’s search. Then I found you.

Tara: I am not able to understand what you are saying. How come I am the perfect one? You didn’t even see me, you were seated at the back right?

Ryan: I saw you yesterday at the bangles market. Before I could say anything you just disappeared.

Tara: So you guys have been following me?

Ryan: Not really, I guess it was destiny. I was totally shocked when I saw you here.

Tara: By the way I am a big fan of India Beats magazine, I love their photographs. There is some person who I must thank for those beautiful pictures they have clicked. Can I come & thank him, if he is there in your gang?

Ryan: Sure, what’s his name?

Tara: Ryan Narayan.

Ryan: Haha, I must be thanking my stars. Nice to meet you Tara, I am Ryan Narayan.

Tara: Hold on, am I meeting “The Ryan Narayan”? This must be my luckiest day. How come you know my name?

Ryan: I heard it yesterday, your friend had called you; that’s the time when I found that perfect expression which no one has ever clicked. So beautiful and so unique…Can I take a picture of yours?

Tara: For sure, but do send me the picture, I will give you my email address before I leave.

Ryan: Looking back to the gang~ Guys let’s get that perfect shot.

She gave that smile again while she was nodding her head in excitement, I could see her bite her lips a little while raising her bright blue eyes to look at me before moving them down again. I just couldn’t believe that something like this could ever happen with me, leave alone the déjà-vu’s, I couldn’t even go speak to a stranger all of a sudden. But here I was, where I didn’t even think a minute what she is going to reply before I jumped in front of her. It just happened in that fraction of a second, and I was glad it happened.

My Mind Voices:I think I have started to appreciate beauty again,maybe I can give love an another chance.

Before I could make any more conclusions, I made my way towards the gang with Tara, and a big smile on my face.


Photo Source: Ishita Moghe (


9 thoughts on “Mystery eyes, shining lights, & that smile”

    1. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” 😀
      I love writing stories for the emotions involved in it. Luckily sometimes, it connects & ends well 😀 Idea for the novel is on 😛
      Thanks a lot Archita for the huge compliment 🙂

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