The King’s Resurgence

I am just a kid lost in this magnanimity of fame & politics, these people deserve more than this. They need a true leader to back them, to fight for them, and to even lay down his life for their cause. But I have no vision, no self-confidence, Father I am truly lost. If only you were here to help me back my strengths, to instil that passion & vigour with which you handled the state affairs, maybe I would have stopped these atrocities from happening.

I have become a prisoner in my own palace, I fear for my own life than for my people, in this situation how can I instil hope in my people. It’s been long time now, I have finally decided to act my dear father, I cannot allow these wrong doings to continue. I have lost my close friend because I turned my eye away when his village was ravaged by my corrupt General.

I did try to stop him, but he was too strong for me to threaten back, & what I was left with was another village torn into pieces, the very village where I was taught how to live, where I first fell in love, where I made friends for a life time & where my beloved teacher lived & died. I let this happen because I was too scared that I would lose my throne. But now I realize that when a king cannot take care of his own people, there is no use in carrying the crown & trumpeting of being a king. It now feels like a burden to me; the cries of the deprived people ringing in my ears, their cries for help which I have chosen not to listen for long. They all come back ringing louder and louder as the days pass by.

It’s not in the palace where I belong; it’s between the people where I should be. They make me feel at home, & it’s only through them I am going to fight. And I am going to fight till my last breath, until I can achieve your dream my father. The dream of seeing democracy in our kingdom, it’s the only way through which I can give back the power to the people, who should be the real rulers of this Kingdom.

It’s going to be a long summer, father.  The sacrifices our people have made will not go down for nothing; I will not let this happen, no matter what.

As I watch the faces of my army who have lined up to live the biggest battle of their lives, I see no fear but a sense of calmness which has been instilled in each and every one present. We have prepared long for this day, now when we see the enemy approaching with all its might, there is a smile which appears in unison, a smile which I share with them.

Father, bless us to proclaim what is rightly ours, bless us to win.

As I lift my sword in the air, the trumpets begin to roar as the army readies to attack, & by the time I raise my sword again, the sound of our army has eclipsed any other sound in the vicinity.


Pic Source: 300 movie


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