Can love happen again?- India Gate Episode

31st December 2014

There used to be times when I kept rethinking about the inevitable, the times where I could have found you all over again. The time which was lost had kept me occupied in the present, the shadow of the past kept closing over my future, I thought I was lost, may be I thought that was it. 

Glancing over this note which I had written over an year ago gets a strange smile on my face. I feel sorry for myself that I wasn’t able to understand what true love really was, but all elated because I do now. It’s very simple, it’s this sheer simplicity which makes it look complex to many. Time again there will be instances where you might feel that without the other person on your side there is very less chance of us leading a happy life. But soon we move ahead leaving the philosophy as we sometimes believe that there are things which are written in fate and are bound to happen. If they don’t then we curse our fate, live our life in misery and slowly but finally move forward. That’s what happened to me in this one year, may be its the same with the others too. 

You might be wondering that why didn’t I explain what love is instead of bantering over its logic. I am sorry but for that you would have to listen to my story. It’s easier explaining through a story than just defining it. May be my story needs to be told. 

26th January 2015

Amid the dimply lit morning which was decorated by the extraordinary performance of the republic day parade, I stood my ground glancing at her near the India gate, the very eyes which met mine a few seconds later. We both were lost with no communication in hand, we had searched frantically for our friends in our individual ways but later had to settle at the PR Desk for the time being. 

Me: Hey you seem lost too!

Her: I am. 

Me: Me too.

Her: Okay.

She looks pissed,don’t disturb her I thought to myself.

Her: Do you know when will the metro station reopen?

Me: I heard the security say that they may open in another hour or so.

She: We really are stuck. 

Me: I know. I am Ryan; At Least we can introduce ourselves, right?

She: Why not, I am Tara. I am doing my masters in journalism in Lady Irwin. 

Me: Hot shot journalist then!

She: Not yet, there is time for that. 

Me: I am an engineer graduate, trying my luck at the civil services. I so badly want to join the service. 

She: That’s nice, for the country then.

Me: Always. 

She: I think we do have something in common. 

Me: That explains our early morning fight with the cold to watch the parade, we surely miss our passes. 

She: We surely do. 

As the talk slowly gave away for silence, I fought back.

Me: I write a bit here and there, want to listen.

She: What do you write about?

Me: Mostly romance and sometimes poetry. 

She: So cliched! ~ with a playful smile. 

Me: So you want to listen or not?

She: Angry young man cool down. I would love to listen. 

Me: This one was the last poem I had written, it was about an Air Hostess.

She: That sounds interesting. 

I narrated her one over the other and I could see her smile grow bigger with every piece. The time began to while away and it was time for us to make a move. 

Me: So that’s it, I believe. I hope you had a good time.

She: I think a bit more than that. Thanks Ryan, hope we can meet again.

Me: Hope we share our contacts and make your hope real. 

She: Cliched again. But I would love to hear from you again, here is my contact. 

Me: Ay Ay captain.

I walked her till the metro station where her anxious friends were waiting for her, we bid each other goodbye with a gentle smile and with a hope to meet soon. 

That night when I was about to message Tara, I had an unexpected call. As people say that we could never outrun our past, it proved very true in my case. 

To be continued in the next part. 



Photo Courtesy: Bobby Roy on Pininterest.