“Drawing out swords as a matter of choice,
Picking up stones as a moment of resilience,
The crowd bared its emotion and loosened its innocence,
Only to find their long loved brotherhood all lost.

The matter tripped and triggered one over the other,
Blood boiled and spilled over the name of religion,
Friends became foes overnight,
And love lost to hatred from those very nights.

Sorry is a small word to convey for this,
Apology for the carnage would never suffice,
But it’s not wrong to try, never wrong to apologize,
Because mere words of truth, sometimes, could heal deepest of scars in no time.”


We always do

“In search of someone, somewhere,
we find ourselves in real, in true;
In every step we discover a part new,
a part which the mirror had always ignored;
We discover our good, our bad, and our ugly,
leaving us terrified to further explore;
We learn to accept, we realize to embrace
ourselves for the truth it delivers
and for the love to show, that we do matter
and we would always do.”