Her Story

“Look close, try finding the emotion
Sealed tightly behind that faint smile
Of hers; there are million things
That her eyes try to whisper
Which you knowingly ignore
And take her smile instead as true.

The fireflies of her smile lasts only the night
But the ocean of tears she holds to hide
Clings onto her for days and years to come,
Breaking and beating her down with every breathe she takes;
Living this misery with slowly fading hope, all she wishes is
A prince in you to rescue, a prince who could see the truth.

Before the tears go dry and her hope fades to blue,
Try finding that armour with which you promised
To be with her in sickness and health; try looking
For that love you squandered in these years ahead,
It’s time to own up and become the man she always wished,
It’s time to sit by her side, look deep in her eyes
And understand the story she had always hoped to tell.”


What do you think?

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