The Great Divide

“The times fill the heart with fear;
The rage once we had disowned
For our own has come back swinging
and it is in no mood to slow.

The pendulum once thought to have stopped
For good has begun to move once again;
The world that didn’t shy to mingle
Is walking the silent road alone.

The dawn of oneness that first appeared
Years ago, is slowly fading by the night;
The divide that it brought for many, the coffers
That it filled for a few, are beginning to take its place.

The world looks away from this sight,
The sight of being divided, of being different
Than leaders would have ever hoped; while commons
See a different life, a different reality that brews within.

I stand up at this sight,
I stand up for hope and change to survive,
A hope that keeps the dream alive
And a change that bridges our great divide.”



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