When our eyes met

“She held a quite corner in a crowded metro rail as she rallied her mystifying presence with her narrative filled eyes to perfection. The very first time when I found her amid the chaos, she felt to me like an angel sent in disguise. It was her smile, the one which started from her lips and ended with her sparkling eyes, that made me stand in awe and observe her with a kind of serenity I never knew before. However, it only lasted a few minutes as she slowly rolled her eyes towards me, making me look away in haste. I tried to look back at her, I thought may be this time I could smile when she looks at me again but to my disbelief she hadn’t moved her eyes away from me. I was stuck in between my thoughts and her smile which she held as her eyes met mine, leaving me with a weird smile to flaunt. It was embarrassing as it could be, but I didn’t lose hope and this time it was a laugh that broke the freeze as we noticed a teenager sleeping with his mouth open. The laughter was slowly replaced by a silent gaze before she disappeared among the crowd as the gates of the metro rail opened, flushing out people in great number while leaving my heart thumping about a possible loss. As I rested my head over the side wall, I found her smiling from a distance, and before I could think of anything about approaching her, she had her hand waiving, bidding me a final goodbye. I was moved back a little, but I finally managed to put my arm in action and left her with a goodbye and a memory to remember. Meanwhile losing myself in possible thoughts about how things would have been if and only if we could have managed to speak.”




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