Dialectics of Life 

“There comes a time 

Of whirlwind, a time 

We find our answers 

Amid the chaos, amid 

The shine of the sun 

And the glitter of the moon;

We just know the right words

To say, the right words to hear, 

We doubt less and love more, 

We be what we are designed to be, 

Humanity personified. 


But as we know that we live

In the era of dialectics, 

There comes a standstill 

After the whirlwind, the answers 

Seem to be hard hidden 

Despite the dig; despite the search

We find words hard to say

And love more elusive to seek, 

Making us break the designed state

To wander without curiosity 

With only hope to meet the turbulent sea

With in the desert we find ourselves to be.”


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