The Walk

“There is always a walk that I wonder about,
the one I so wanted to take her along;
I was too lost in her thoughts, I was too happy
within the possibilities of chirping in a word
or two, leaving her convinced that I was no creep,
that I was someone who genuinely cared
and had an equal share of respect tagged along;
these possibilities were too beautiful to stay away
but the reality a bit too weird to come about
making me stuff those words deep within, and the moment
when she glanced across I had my head tilted away with embarrassment as my mind roared with many voices at once,
leaving a few that caught be my surprise;
“Did she judge me as another stalker?” I felt terribly small
at the sight of this very thought; I hid my face deeper within my palms to see between the gaps a person walking right towards me,
I glanced again into the ever widening gaps to find her
waiting for me to come out from my hiding
that I graciously avoided for a solid two minutes,
before she patted her way across, leaving me with no choice
but to stand a feet way with the most creepy smile that I always dread about.
I sheepishly tried to defend my act,
“I wasn’t looking at you, not me. No me. I just came!” and what not,
only to see a smile appear over her face as she walked past me
to stop a moment later to look back at what I was possibly wondering and may be thinking whether I would ever ask her out,
but the mystique within me, the one who saw the possibilities
remained preoccupied again and the words that I had stuffed earlier
didn’t come out right even now as she disappeared from my plain sight into the mist as I whispered a silent “Hi” and sat back down
wondering about the walk that could have been,
the one I so wanted to take her along.”

Pic Courtesy: (Created by Patty)



“I usually heed to those who question why we celebrate a particular day for love; isn’t every day, one for love? I silence myself with a makeshift happy nod while trying hard to keep that itsy bitsy part of me that still believes in this day from exploding all over the other. But today when I look back at all those questions, and my stand of supporting the naysayers, my silence sounds completely illogical to me. The hard truth that we happen to realise a little late is that not every day we give for love, I mean in literal sense; just try to question how often do we go out of our way and compliment someone or how often do we utter the words, “I love you” to that special one, even though we know that the other might be the perfect one for us. It just doesn’t happen; it stays in our mind for an eternity before vaporising in the mystery of our confused mind. So sometimes all we need is a day, however cliched it might sound, we need it to ease the unease and give a push to one’s hopes only to see where the thoughts in our mind finally lead us upon to. So in this world of unlimited technology decorated with artificial emoticons, I meant the emotions, it’s okay to take a day off and be with your loved ones to make them feel special in the best possible way. It could be with that friend you fell in love with years ago but still are too scared to say, or it could be your parents who haven’t seen you since ages because you are too busy making excuses, or it could be as simple as a compliment to a random stranger who you find amusing while your lonely walk back home. It could be with anybody, it could be anywhere, but make sure you convey your emotion, your care, this day. Because the other thing about cliched things are that everyone knows about them, making things a lot easier for us to convey. So go take your chances, and make this valentines worth remembering.”

All the very best 🙂


The Writer

I often find myself staring at the blank word document absent-mindedly, lost within my train of thoughts and the little world I so price upon. The music breezes around these phrases, the incomplete things which I had never chanced upon to say and probably would never convey. In between those “I wish that happened” and “I regret doing that” thoughts, I find my piece that fits for me to write. The piece which stirs my universe, pushes the boundaries, and allows me to live a character of the stories that I try to sketch. That moment of time, when everything comes flying together, I see my piece wide and clear. Rushing with this sense of enigma, I journey along with my ambivalent thoughts to finally arrive at the top of the mountain from where I see my piece coming to life. And the time when the journey ends, I find another story sprouting out. The process remains unfinished; a story more remains to be told.

Picture Courtesy: Google Search