The Walk

“There is always a walk that I wonder about,
the one I so wanted to take her along;
I was too lost in her thoughts, I was too happy
within the possibilities of chirping in a word
or two, leaving her convinced that I was no creep,
that I was someone who genuinely cared
and had an equal share of respect tagged along;
these possibilities were too beautiful to stay away
but the reality a bit too weird to come about
making me stuff those words deep within, and the moment
when she glanced across I had my head tilted away with embarrassment as my mind roared with many voices at once,
leaving a few that caught be my surprise;
“Did she judge me as another stalker?” I felt terribly small
at the sight of this very thought; I hid my face deeper within my palms to see between the gaps a person walking right towards me,
I glanced again into the ever widening gaps to find her
waiting for me to come out from my hiding
that I graciously avoided for a solid two minutes,
before she patted her way across, leaving me with no choice
but to stand a feet way with the most creepy smile that I always dread about.
I sheepishly tried to defend my act,
“I wasn’t looking at you, not me. No me. I just came!” and what not,
only to see a smile appear over her face as she walked past me
to stop a moment later to look back at what I was possibly wondering and may be thinking whether I would ever ask her out,
but the mystique within me, the one who saw the possibilities
remained preoccupied again and the words that I had stuffed earlier
didn’t come out right even now as she disappeared from my plain sight into the mist as I whispered a silent “Hi” and sat back down
wondering about the walk that could have been,
the one I so wanted to take her along.”

Pic Courtesy: (Created by Patty)


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