“Wait for that person who will believe in your crazy little world, driving life into those dreams by reliving them together. However mad and impossible your dreams might sound to be, it will never sound that way to her. Because she will believe in you, she will see what no one could ever possibly see, the real you. When she will be around, there would be no filters, there would be no veils, there would only be naked truth, the real you. So when she is there with you, you will know how lucky one can be. There is no doubt that she would be rare to find but trust me it will be worth the wait. Just imagine a morning you wake up dialing her number and suddenly narrating her your dream, even breaking into a song together. It’s like poetry running loose; she creates you a verse, you fit another verse with hers, and it just goes on and on, like there is no end to it. Despite sounding too idealistic, I would though admit that it ain’t going to be a La La Land if you come together, but it ain’t going to be an oblivion together as well. Sometimes the poetry might stop flirting or might stop to flow altogether but that doesn’t mean it’s going to end again, it means you need to jazz it up a little. So when the words stop to flow, you turn on the music and take her along for a dance. So don’t ever stop trying to hold on to someone who you feel right about, take your chances and make them work. It’s hard to find, it’s hard to seek someone as crazy and as wild as you really are, and when you do, try never to let them go.”

“Miracles need effort to happen”.

P.S. If they aren’t into you, move on.
Pic Courtesy: Google


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