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Tribute to those legendary songs which have inspired me, and still continues to inspire many.

Musical Series: Aap Ki Nazron Ne Samajha.

A revisit, A revamp; And the musical journey continues.

Aapki Nazron ne Samjha ~ Singer: Latha Mangeshkar; Movie: Anpadh (1962); Language:Hindi.

The song has some wonderful wordings which emphasize on the purity of love, therefore rendering a translation to the song has become a lot more difficult. Hoping to strike the cord with the lyrics, which had spellbound me into a mist of romance, with a few add-ons from my side; the translation goes something like this..

Your eyes have understood me as worthy of your love, my heart tries to wane away as it has found it’s destiny which has always been you. Every glance of mine towards you has that thanking decor for accepting me for who I am. The smile of acceptance, the sigh of shyness and giggle of expectation has made my heart skip a beat in turn. The violins have been on a continuous play ever since, and the happiness has only increased. I ask my heart to go to rest as I have found you and you have found me. 

Newer version of the song is worth listening, though the older version is priceless. Attaching a link for the newer version.

“Music is what feelings sound like” – Anonymous!