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Yet not yet

“Content and satisfied
Yet incomplete and lost;
Love life philosophy
Yet money making practicality;
Impressed at the first sight
Yet the prejudices stay relate;
Truth remains a fact
Yet post-truth the reality.”



Freedom Call

“Flying high away in freedom,
The birds find their way in the blue,
A clarion call amid the silence,
And the flock gets ready to glue.

The breeze from within the gather
Catches the eye of an aged soul,
Famished and battered by slavery
His old eyes glitter at sight of one whole.

The idea spells fire in the hearts
And the minds of the ravaged, the conquered,
It strikes deep within a place called hope
As the heads long fallen rise towards the sky.

The wind kisses their zeal, enriches their spirit,
As they gather together under the old man
To march their union, to show their solidarity
To make themselves the master of their own fate.

They stand their peace, they hold their chain,
With their sight in place for freedom and freedom alone,
They gather their courage, they bury their hatchet,
To see the long whisper become a roar again.”


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War & Peace

Work of Fiction

“Did you see the rainbow in the morning?” enquired Tara with her curious eyes still stuck to the sky.

“I was too immersed in the drizzle that I failed to notice it” Neera replies back as she continues tapping her hands playfully over the pool of water that had formed in the verandah.

“There was a faint lightning that I could see around the rainbow, it was like the story Kishore ji was trying to tell, the story of Lord Indra. Do you remember?” hinted back Tara.

“I do. The story where Masterji had said that when there is a war in heaven, Lord Indra uses his thunderbolt weapon to destroy the evil forces and thus causing lightning in the sky” Neera still wondering as she says; why rain, which comes after lightning, is so beautiful and serene; how could war provide something as beautiful as the rain?

“Do you believe in this story Neera?” It was as if Tara knew exactly what her little sister was thinking.

“I really don’t know. War never produces beautiful things, it only takes our close people away. It can never produce something as beautiful as rain, it surely can’t” Neera answers as she moves closer to her elder sister, though only by a year.

“Neither do I believe in it” Tara replies with her vision moving towards the sky again as she holds her sister close. Her eyes carry a bit of gloom as if she is praying for someone’s safe return, who she knows clearly will never return.

In the meantime, a woman cladded in a white saree with her hair tied closely behind her back with a faint fickle of greyness in her hair walks up to the verandah of her home where the two little girls are sitting and gazing the innocent sky above.

“Neera, Tara, It’s going to rain, and you don’t want to get yourself sick again. So rush down, there are hot jalebis which your grandfather has brought. Go eat them before they become cold” the lady, their mother said in full authority yet with love.

As the little girls in their pre-teens run down, the lady stands there for a while. Trying to savour an old memory which she had shared with her deceased husband in the past. It brings up a smile on her face but a sense of anguish runs parallel with that beautiful smile of hers as she walks her way back down.

We find a hustle in the house, complimented with cheers by the little girls as they play with their grandpa while relishing their jalebis with a wide smile. The one storey house was slowly returning back to become their home again; it was over an year since Major Rajdeep had been killed in an enemy crossfire at the border, leaving behind his two daughters, wife and an ailing father.


1. Masterji- Teacher.


There seems a lot to tinker,
There seems a lot to aspire,
But they all seem a little less
When it’s the time to inspire.

You think inspiring is about words,
Like narrating a scene set in a picturesque town,
But I ought to differ, I differ like the many before,
I differ to be different yet true.

I differ because I believe it’s the emotion
That sets the ball rolling,
That sets the belief in others
To be different, to be special.

That’s what inspiring is to me,
That’s what I see and try to see
In things small or big, kind or rude,
The very ones which leave me unmoved.

It’s there in the winter wind, it’s there among the sunshine,
It’s in the eye of your newborn, it’s in the eye of your enemy,
I beg to differ and would stand my ground
For you to realise that it’s the emotion which we need to embrace.

True to the place where I started, True to the time which I felt less,
I stand now with many emotions around,
Waiting to inspire many who saw the other way,
I think it’s time to set the ball rolling, I think it’s time to feel alive again.

A Billion votes.

India, a country of 1.2 billion people with a demographic dividend of over 60% of its population. The country goes to poll, Election 2014 where we see a single political party garnering majority number of seats, since 1984. The issues raised during the campaign were governance, anti-corruption and other pragmatic issues which are significant in today’s times. The point which i would like to stress is that almost all parties, though tried wooing the voters on communal basis to an extent, concentrated mostly on the current issues faced by a common man. And these ideas were brought by the voters too. The change which we are witnessing, along with the high turnout of the country’s youth for voting is quite different from the past elections, making it very important for our future.

How is it important?

The demographic dividend can be utilized only when the government creates those opportunities for the public to utilize while the public needs to stand up to make an avail of it. This seems to be happening, because once public stands up for the grass root problems, the government will have to follow.

The Election involving a billion votes had opened a box full of opportunities not for the fact that a particular party has come to power, but for the reason that people are coming of age. They are becoming more and more vigil, when they give an opportunity to someone they do expect their returns. It would be a uphill task for the government to be sworn in to address the expectations of the people, a billion in number.


The Leader- Resurgence of Democracy

Leader is the one who is born from the masses; the leader in reference here need not be a political stigma but even a person who raises his hand to question the authority of its wrong doing. In the process he not only stands up for himself but to the whole society sitting in silence for years together. The common man is used to take so many hardships in life; it is as if he is born to adjust. But after a limit has been crossed, when he can’t bend further, the change what occurs there either defines him or destroys him. Standing up after years of bending, gives him a new lease of life creating power unimaginable.  The sheer will for justice drags people from their streets to support the cause. The cause gets stronger with the leader. The man gains recognition and his charm is spread all around. People start pouring in and the cause gets bigger. The shackles which bounded the people have been broken instead wings has been attached for them to act. Sense of freedom is finally felt, the thought is wide spread and the song has been hummed by everyone, “It’s my country and I am its rightful owner”. The government has no idea how to handle the situation, it imposes emergency in haste. People are on the streets fighting the government. Water cannons and tear gas surround the place but the people are not in a mood to listen. They have decided to come and conquer what is rightfully theirs. “Time has come people to unite and overthrow the monopoly of this monarch who is been feeding on our dead corpses. Plans have been laid; execution is the next big thing for democracy. We the people, for the people and of the people give this country to you, the people of ____from these corrupt and elevate us to sovereignty. The days are not far when we will see the sunlight emerging from this abyss, it’s going to be a far better place than we ever imagined. Tomorrow before dawn we will see ourselves free, standing tall on the fort of hope, captivating a long standing battle of oppression and injustice. Long live the leader, long live ___.

The next day, rebels won their battle against the monarchy which existed for centuries and a new sense of life started flowing into the hearts of the people. But the victory was at the cost of their beloved leader who was murdered by a conspiracy with a traitor in their group who carried the action on the demand of the king. The leader was flown in a casket of flowers to the capital which witnessed almost millions of people gathered to see their beloved leader lay into rest. They took an oath that day; ten years from now we will prove the world our greatness with development and  happiness. Integrity and unity of our nation will be talked everywhere. Our prosperity will be unmatched. The sanctuary of love what we hold in our hearts will be preserved generation hence. Our beloved leader we promise you the state you have always dreamt of. Long live ____

Note:  ____ can be any country requiring a revolution to bring it back to the people. When the system stays for long it becomes frozen and corrupt, only a total change can help in reviving the country and it’s failing system. Revolution doesn’t have any age, it comes naturally to us. And when the time demands, there will be rise.