The Ruffling of a Wind.

The winds in my head, sometime they reign strong while sometimes act as if they never existed. Ruffling the concentrating brain, breaking the tired hope, dictating its terms to my senses. Biasing every view i see, steering away the purity and making the brain dip continuously in the unholy waters of embarrassment. The winds carry the moments of despair once faced or the possible future situation which are likely to affect, bringing a screen of sadness and enveloping the entire mood into it.

What shall i do? shall i be left conquered? shall i move or watch with silence as the winds destroy every castle of my dream? What shall i do?

Watching oneself get bloody, though the ooze is not visible but only felt, then pleading with the wind to spare the most desired castle of yours. Crying your hearts out, but the sense of helplessness sinking in; Tears slowly start disappearing and madness starts to follow. The castle of my dream, my possible destiny, can i let it be destroyed. It’s as if you lift the weapon to fight for your last breathe of freedom and happiness. The blood has oozed so much, that you fail to notice it anymore while the sight remains fixed on the half destroyed castle as if there is nothing more to live about. You start running towards the possible doom, the powerful wind, which might destroy you but believe me there is nothing left to be destroyed. As you start your sprint, the air starts flowing behind you, an anti wind. Closing in on the distance, there is a slow and steady flight into air, the anti wind had become like the magic carpet of our dreams.

The anti wind becomes a speeding razor, cutting across the wind and clearing the dark clouds around. As we lay our eyes on the destroyed castle, there is a new wind ruffling your ears now, ” We can make a new one, master”.

Inspiration behind the post: “Once you leave away all the ones which weigh you down, your start feeling your wings and the flight to destiny becomes just a matter of time”. 



The Diaries of Maria’h – 1.

August 26th, 2027 

Blissful morning which has set in after a rainy night, the fragrance of the air which fills in every house of Maria’h has always brought a smile on my face. But that wasn’t the reason i was smiling, it was because of my daughter who was only born a day ago. Those tiny hands and the little nose, which actually resembled mine, was making me wonder at the most beautiful person i have ever seen. Taking her on my hand and laying close to my chest and whispering in her ear “Daddy is going to take care of you till his last breath, and from now on everything which he will do is for you and your mom”.  Keeping her close and watching her sleep on my shoulder, and then my eyes drifting up to the sky to thank that person who is far away from us, and the reply appears with a tinkle in the sky. 

Happiness is always available in discreet packets which vaporize after a while and would be needed to be filled up again, every day, every hour or maybe every minute. It was no different with me too, the promise which i made to my daughter, i could never fulfill and that makes me grieve more than anything.

Its only been a decade since these anomalies have set in, the fragrance, the bliss, everything seems to have disappeared in the wild dust which has enclosed the city. Watching Lisa’s reflection on the glass shade, watching her sleep makes me realize that i have a chance to redeem myself. And I wonder, how is that possible? Nature has unleashed its fury, and mankind has been left with no option other than to sit and watch the crumbling or the new beginning.

The Gorgeous One.

Dream World ~Indeed The Virtual One.

“Love is found everywhere, we just need to wear the right glasses.”

Waiting in the balcony for the sun to graze the surface and the light getting lost in the wilderness, the wait seemed not alone as the birds chirped away which made noises that got synced with dimming light. Eyes as they followed the setting sun, only to be obstructed by a building exactly opposite to mine, there stood the person who swept me off my feet. She was so beautiful, that words might fall short to describe her. I waived at her, not knowing how i got so much of courage to even lift my hand! She seemed amused and noticed after 2-3 waives, finally responding by a delicate smile which was quite measured in intention. Having no idea what to do ahead, i tried waving again, until she disappeared in darkness. Power Cuts have become reduced, but i was really upset at that very minute, it had been only 10 minutes since i saw her. There was a sudden anxiety to see her again. Counting every second in between the disconnect, finally getting a relief after an hour when the power made its much awaited return. The disappointment of the day hadn’t ended, it just began. To my displeasure and grief, she wasn’t there.

As I lay on my bed, trying to recollect the beautiful smile which usually got mystified and the clarity always seemed lacking, the door bell rang.

It has been only two days since we moved in to the locality, the suburbs of Bangalore was a phase of refreshment away from the city sounds and pollution. I had another two weeks before i had to leave for joining the unfortunate company which i was going to be employed in.  And most important, this is a dream, welcome aboard. 

The office hours had seemed to get boring with the hours piling on one after the other, while i was still lost in thoughts about the mystery girl. After a while I realized, that there was a party this weekend and I have been invited which i had failed to hear due to my silly day dreams.

The place had been filled in with people and the music if played for longer than an hour might make one or two deaf for sure. In midst of everything, I sat down with a peg of vodka in my hand, which i believe was my sixth or may be seventh. So, in short was inexplicably high and there sat a girl in front who in my obvious senses i failed to recognize. She was sitting and just observing what i was upto, but in the few instance that are recorded in my head, she seemed a familiar face.

The next morning always followed with the most painful of headaches and always an owe to never drink again – a hypocritical statement. Reaching office on time seemed to be a pain but had to, at least for the salary as about the job i cared none. I never wanted to be a person stuck to his computer all day long, but being unclear about my other talents or interests had to settle with this one and also it gave me time to find the passion in life. Getting back to the day, as i was back in the office, i had found a note attached to my desk consisting of someone’s cell number. Intrigued with the number and the identity of the person, I decided to give a call but only to be unanswered.

A voice from behind, “Aakash, are you alright? You had a lot yesterday but what interested one n all was that you were having a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the party. How do you know her….” I could hardly remember anything, except the thought of her and she resembling to someone I had already seen.

The phone rang, and the same number as in the note, I picked up having a half thought resting on what happened yesterday. I almost missed the name of the other person, but caught on the last minute, Meera she said. I was confused, and replied ” Do i know you?”

Waiting at the coffee place, where every minute seemed like an hour not dying to be passed about with. Then she appeared from the door, and mind you I couldn’t take my eyes off her and kept following her until she reached the table. She sat down, and had to waive to disconnect me and speak.

“I thought you remembered me” she said. “Alcohol makes things extremely blurred and even missing from the thought of mind, I am really sorry” I said in reply. And the conversation seemed to never end, it still hasn’t.

She told me, the day we first saw each other, she had returned to balcony to find no one as we had different phases of light, one coming before the other. And the day where i was too lazy to open the door and busy day dreaming, it was she who had rung the bell. Even on the day of the party, she was about to leave when she saw me and decided to stay on.

Thinking about so many striking coincidences, we may wonder whether these things do happen in reality. I had already told you guys the most important thing, Its a dream and you all are already aboard. So to see what is in store in reality, people please wake up 🙂

The Evergreen Song.

Syncing in with dissimilar tastes of melody and the melancholy of the beautiful song, words just run through the fingers to create something beautiful. There are different moods which a simple song conveys to us. Lets rest upon a few to get a sincere view of that evergreen song which runs wide in our life.

A growing reverence of solitude as the days pass by, we come more closer to the reality of what we are and what constraints we possess within. Sheer notion of being truly free, allows one to do that little ‘kamaal’ (wonderful act) in life which ultimately grows upon us to become a way ahead.

Act of craziness, a famous quote which i recollect said something like this ” If you were never crazy in life, then i believe you never lived one”. This is when we reach the pinnacle of a mood change; here, exactly here, we know the levels of craziness we can put ourselves in. Mostly, in my opinion, they are indeed embarrassing but yet we need to accept as it is none but us. Sometimes, the best fun possible is also had in those moments.

State of normalcy, its becoming part of the society which we once left; it happens slowly with understanding and experiences. The mundane part of life becomes consciously entrenched similar to the stanzas of a song which are repeated para after, as if we are waiting for that change in tune to bring back our senses, that we are indeed listening to a song.

So how does the song end? Does it really end? Or chimes still ring abuzz in our heads? I believe it doesn’t end, its evergreen as it becomes part of us. The state of normalcy is achieved, and its purpose achieved with nothing left for the song to do. But there is this wonderful saying I heard from King Khan himself, “Jo Kuch Nahi Karte, Woh kamaal Karte he” ; It means ” the ones who do nothing, end up doing something really wonderful”. Every song is magical and every word has a meaning which we connect with life, its always been and it will always be my lifeline to writing.


The City of Maria’h

Note: Its been over a month since I have written or blogged, so made it a point to myself to write any possible thing which strikes a chord with my mind. So here it goes.

// Work of fiction//

There is a blanket of smoke engulfing the city, allowing no air to escape or enter. The temperature, as such, had started increasing while the clouds were getting darker with every strike they made. Tinsel town of Maria’h which lay in the periphery of the city had become the only area with a bit of fresh air and clean water. The town wasn’t developed as the city was, but the people did live in their houses, content and happy like they were wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

The free wind was let loose and we could see the cowboy hats raising high in the air, they were a quite a number of them! But I had to narrow my vision to this girl who was walking unperturbed in midst of the heaviest wind of the recent times. She had a strange zeal to move ahead, a shade of sorrow in her face, keeping her eyes fixed to the ground.

Sand storms were common, as the desert lay a few miles away from the place; nowadays there were discreet packets of desert settling from place to place. The poles were being uprooted and cars flying along the wind, like the UFO’s of 2020’s. The girl still was walking, which seemed more of walking towards her own doom, as the storm got only intense with her every step from the place i stood watching.

I had to make an effort to pull her away and myself, or the dancing pole would have taken us for a ride to heaven. She was breathing heavily, shivering with cold, but the episode of sorrow on her face didn’t die down. She wasn’t sacred or moved by the incident, that made me feel that she has nothing to live or look forward in life. It was her decision to die by walking the path of death, where i had interrupted and thereby spoiling her plans.

What could I have done, let her go and see another person die in front of my eyes. “I just couldn’t, I just couldn’t…”

The radio started buzzing in and the daily news was on; A beautiful voice from the radio started telling the most terrible things happening in our beautiful world. She goes on ” Good Morning Listeners, the weather conditions are here to stay for another 6 weeks which can cause serious disruptions in the relief and rescue action being carried out by the government. President has asked us to keep faith and hope to make us live an another day, and he also claimed…..”

Suddenly a voice from behind, ” I am hungry” the girl said. I ventured into the kitchen and brought the last loaf of bread and shared it with her.

“Whats your name, girl?”

“Lisa”, she said.

Part 1 Ends.

The Concept of Love.

Cliched topic like Love can have so many creative definitions that we might not find it cliched any more. So what can love be defined as? Is it a feeling? Is it happiness? Is it visible?

Love is something which can only be understood when we feel it, swirl in the loop created by it and smile even when we drown with it. It can be found from the most unpleasant states, lets say pain of leaving or suffering of disrupted relation or plain simple sorrow. A never ending ocean with the waves flashing on the shore creating those ripples within, the joy of coming close and moving away cannot be explained better than this. Never so close and Never so far has been the philosophy which tends to get molded with time with minor adjustments as there is no one is perfect for one another, its just that we overlook a few and embrace the other. Overlooking doesn’t mean being unaware, but accepting the flaws too.

Quenching of heart when the drowning begins, signifying the end of beautiful story, is only a major tectonic movement which makes room for another, similar to a volcanic eruption. The more the time volcano remains inactive, more painful it gets to end, as the blisters end up flaring high on the sky. It doesn’t mean that every story has to end, because there are stories which are perpetual and continue till the life goes on. Like a peaceful ocean, where the ripples are hardly felt or are automatically adjusted.

Thereby I would say, Love, which is eternal, is like an ocean – Infinite and Calm. So loosen your sails and march towards the high winds, Captain.

The Time Machine.

Basic definition of Time Machine: A machine which takes us to different phases of time which have already passed away or preparing to be passed.
If we start mixing the technology with a part of psychology we can get a way to understand a crude time machine existing with every person. Let’s see how.
Taking the veil off the existential machine, we only end up finding it to be the human mind. The speciality of the mind is to create the probabilities of occurrence of an event with a amazing lot of partiality to the individual. So the biased assumptions makes us create a new reality of the past or the future.
When we start putting our mind to work, and think about the events which passed by, we either end up modifying the event or changing the event altogether. Ending up in an endless chain of thoughts about if this (in general) would have happened, the story would have been different.
Now measuring the future by the chance occurrences of the ongoing events, making it easier to predict, though a biased prediction. Making the petty calculations to reach the ultimate destiny is one of the examples which the time machine allows us to see.
Now if these biased or crude time machines are aligned in such a way, that the events occcurs within the range of these aligned machines, then we would have succeeded in creating the required phases of time, unbiased and true.
Overall context: A mix of distinct subjects does give us a sea full of perceptions leads us to new discoveries which ultimately unleashes a new world around us.
Note: Confusion is an existential quality that one possesses which allows the mind to wander and create new limits of destiny.

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