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Placing my head down on the table, trying to stay calm. Suddenly a voice wakes me up ” Your Chocolate truffle, sir”. Wrong table, I haven’t ordered anything, I say. The waiter replies “It’s from the lady sitting to your left”. My eyes move towards the lady and the smile reappears.


Life’s Endless Loop.

“The obsession of making a mistake in future, makes you commit one in the present.”

Walking down the lane with different voices raising inside my head, trying to curb them by pushing the earphones deeper. But the voices keep getting louder be it the favorite song which is running on the loop. The reason is quite simple, we never stopped thinking about the stuff which we didn’t want to. It’s like running in a closed circle, faster one runs faster he lands up at the same place . 

Suddenly, i find a van charging towards me from behind, and all of a sudden i start running to save my life. The van outpaces me easily, instead of bouncing me off, it makes an abrupt stop. The backdoor opens, throwing high intensity of light which blinds my sight for a while. And when i regain my sight, i am in the bed sweating. Trying to calm myself down and in a process of getting something to drink, i venture out of my room. A strange shout of ‘Help’ and then a sound occurring at the very next minute “Run”. Then there are these loud footsteps which increase their intensity with seconds ticking on. Next moment, I am running again, don’t know why. As soon as i open the main door and take my first step out, i experience a fall into a dark, deep pit. Then i wake up again…

These situations which gave me a nightmare over a nightmare are nothing but problems, problems of one’s life. At first we know what we are having a problem with and if we allow it to grow on us then we would only forget what really our problem was and reason we are running for. Stand up and face the problem with its horns. Only by toppling the problem we grow, not by avoiding them. For that we need the most important friend of one, “Hope”. Hope comes from believing in oneself and therefore its us who decide how we plan our life to be. It can be that highway journey of your dream where you see no repetitions or a tape which is running on a loop for ages. Choice is all yours



State of happiness.

Being a Liverpool fan, I was amazed and happy the way we are winning and trying to eye our chances on the title. Going through the replays of the matches to seek a glimpse on the goals, i found a video dated 2005 champions league final, and the reaction when Liverpool wins the cup among the supporters is so exhilarating, filled with energy and joy. On the whole, it’s just a match, no one gained anything in their pocket but they did have their heart filled with joy. These are some of the little happiness which we look forward in our lives, which on a cumulative provide us our happiness score.

Happiness score is closed in a box which is kept in a secret drawer in a place in our mind, essentially the creative part. It keeps ticking when we feel something happy from bottom of our hearts. The feeling can be such, you might fall down laughing or even get tears and also the ones which are very silent but very effective. Lets get a peek in the world’s treasure of happiness.

Instance 1: < being a sports buff, bear with me another incident> Living in a hostel, you meet with diverse sections of people who you get along and become friends for a lifetime. So there are people from different locations, all gathered in a small room to watch the World Cup final (2011). Then we see Dhoni climbing forward and dispatching the ball for a six, and the room erupts in joy. People start hugging each other, fireworks had also began, on the whole there were smiles all around. That moment seeing so many people, in which i didn’t know a few, dancing and hugging together irrespective of knowing each other or not, that’s happiness.

Instance 2: I was seated at this restaurant and was waiting for a friend when i saw this incident. A table next to mine, there were seated a young couple who were in their mid 20’s i think. They were having some kind of conversation which i chose not to listen, until violin which started playing near their table. I moved myself towards them, to see guy pull out a ring and bend over on his knees, proposing to her with a trademark Hindi song which i think the girl loved. The expression which the girl had, the eyes going wide open, jaws dropping down and the hands trying to cover her mouth so to hide her excitement made us understand she didn’t expect that but was more or less really happy. The nod which she gave made the guy close his eyes, placing his hand on his heart and giving a small smile to himself, that’s happiness.

Instance 3: A village was recently provided with electricity and the villagers, especially the ones who were old, didn’t know much about electricity. And the day power was passed on to the houses, the light which illuminated from their houses gave different but wonderful expression on their faces. Filled with excitement, curiosity and emotions to the thing they have seen for the first time and falling in love with it on their very first sight.

These are varied instances and different spectrum of happiness but the beauty lies inside, which makes a person to live a day more and see the world more passionately than they ever did. Life does teach us a lot of things but the essence lies in giving back what we learn with a higher degree of compassion and efficiency.

So keep your happiness meter running, doesn’t matter the size but what matter is in accepting every single thing with our arms wide open.



The Driving Enigma.

Magic in you arises when you select your passion as your goal, in return you simply end up doing wonders. The fascination which attracts you, which pulls you along and which makes you dream, thats your passion, thats your destiny. Different paths will lead you to the same position, with a few extra steps in one while few less in other. There would have been instances when you might have ended up staring some narrative with your eyes wide open and would be pleased to listen to it once more. Longing for the fascination drives you to achieve that narrative and become part of it.

It would be pleasing to achieve but on the other hand disheartening to see it fail, nevertheless the struggle must go on. Small steps make one capable of the giant leap, in the same manner, it’s sub structure which defines the strength of the superstructure. I would like to take one such narrative which is way closer to my heart.

People say that solidarity is now not essentially provided by religion but it’s the national sentiment which provides the essence of the collectivity. Indian nationalism is no less, the patriotism which binds people is immense. I am no different, though a globalized world i along with others dream of seeing our nation take large strides in development and become role model for the existing nations. The dream is in progress for its fulfillment and one day we will find our dream a reality.

It doesn’t happen overnight, but zealous hard work is required. The road is long but we do have the belief that success is within reach only with few commitments which we must promise to fulfill. Success won’t occur if the diversity of india is not involved, so we require an inclusive march towards the goal. And national Interest must be prior to our self interest. Democracy doesn’t stop at voting, but at making sure the system is accountable to every vote. We must be the change we want to see, then only success is within reach.

Ending with quote which is quintessential to the above account:

“Magic is always within you, it only requires a spark to see how beautiful it crystallizes.” 



Beauty of Passing Day.

“Readying themselves to fly, they prepare to take the initial jump knowing that the beauty lies in believing in oneself and one’s ability to solve their problems. Spreading their wings and flying high with their heads held high.” 

Our day starts with the existing problems in our lives and the task ahead, which we try to find a fix to solve it. In a human life, problems are part of our living. They come and share dressing table with us, staring us with their horrific looks and sounds. Its like a crime thriller where we need to see the climax to relax ourselves, but if the problems were so simple to solve then how do we find our lives so dynamic and beautiful. So ultimately we don’t find the climax we are looking for, and end up biting few more pills to take care of the anxiety. In meantime, something beautiful happens that is we fall asleep which provides us much needed rest and making our thinking fresh and tuned to the surrounding. Next day, we do carry the tonnage but with a new intensity and belief, believe it or not, it does allow us to find the fix. The play of nature is so amazing that, few other problems prop up along the previous solution giving us a new direction and new energy to live for.

If we observe the day cycle closely we find that answers to our problems are within our mind but locked somewhere and key is misplaced. Dreams provide a platform to find that key to unlock and decipher the mysteries of our lives. It shows us that keys are numbered and time must be taken to match the number on the lock with the key.

Finding the climax of our problem does give us relief but also satisfaction of achieving a framework to solve the problem. This experience is also passed on to the needy so that there disillusionment gets demystified and allowing one to fly high with their burdens unshackled from their wings.


Life is a maze and love is a riddle ~ lenka


The play between the loves’ of life and the reality is abysmally difficult to comprehend. Breaking our heads to get the logic behind the scenes is way too much to ask for, the best alternative left out is to sit back enjoy the movie with popcorn and coke. This movie is one which plays on till our last breath and believe me it is nothing different than our own bollywood formula. In short, 5 songs and all is well climax, what else do an average Indian want. But the moment one tries to move the veil off and look carefully to find, that our stories are not that different. People have dreams similar in intention but only the degree varies. This makes the content alone a variable, leaving the form same.
The external qualities are only an exaggeration of our thoughts, as internal you will remain more or less the same.
When the exaggeration is kept aside and looked at the world ahead, we only find monotony but that’s one sacrifice we need to make for eternal peace.
‘Universality for peace lies in commonality of us’.

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