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The dream I wish wasn’t true.



Often uncharted ways lead to destinations

We would have dreamt many nights ago;

Places look brighter with a glistening glow

While the road to castle rock remains largely untouched.

I could smell the lilies this time around, I could hear the whispers

I had tagged along; they reminded me of someone, 

The one with whom I dreamt this dream together only to witness it alone.

I held my fist tight and upright, close to my heart 

And witnessed my miracle with both eyes shut yet open 

To the twilight that the setting sun and the shiny moon had for me to offer. 

I melted away in its warmth, I found my solace in its depth,

The rays of hope pierced my heart red to give it life and joy

To seek a reunion with oneself, and with oneself alone. 

The ‘Dream’ Kite

Flying my dreams on a windy day,
They soar a little and fall another,
Steadying the grip by pulling it close
For giving it the flight it much deserves.

The paranoia of fall dims my vision,
Becoming the dark cloud
That strikes lightning at will,
Matter of time when everything pours to nil.

I loosen the string further
To allow my dream to breathe,
Living was not a choice
But living for a dream is.

Some Day

I close my eyes for those glittery dreams
to sweep me over into the world which I own,
where I am respected with dignity
and loved with care.

“Those are silly dreams O young boy”,
The world mocks at me for my daylight reveries
But I am indeed the master of my own fate
And I believe that the world will roar with me,
some day.

Learning to reason my thoughts and fighting the fear within,
It would be a long night before I am finally awake
As I love to be lost for the search of perfection
Than be blemished by series of imperfection.

I would live a day longer to clear the mist,
And find a road taken by none but me
As my destiny is unique and I see no takers,
I am convinced that I would live my dream
some day.

Why do we fall?

Step by step we move,
Trying to reach the destiny
we fear to lose.

Path starts to get enlightened
With the blaze set on loose,
Fearing the fire, we start to hesitate.

Alternatives are fixed
While the path to destiny
Seems to be all mixed.

Wavering through these,
We trace our path back
to the one set on blaze.

Quenching for water
to put the thirst at rest
than the fire ahead.

We move towards our destiny
All brave and all amazed
As the baggage of fear is dropped away.

Standing at the end of our journey
We whisper into the ears of our children
Why do we fall?

*To learn to pick ourselves up and move ahead in the direction of our destiny 🙂