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“I have this habit of scrolling through my Facebook wall on a regular basis, I am pretty sure I could find many like me. I halt at all the travel pics that come by, showing the diverse range of places people are travelling all across the globe. It’s fascinating to be honest especially for a guy like me, who has been in constant company with the city Delhi for over four years now.

Apart from my daily hassles to achieve my much needed break from joblessness and achieving that distant dream, I travel. My next statement might be at odds with my previous one, bear with me and continue; apologies in advance. The maximum I have traveled in recent times would be the 45 minute metro ride which I nowadays do often. I know it’s silly to call that a travel but I find that journey interesting and worthwhile to be called so. Before moving further I have to introduce another thing that I love doing, I observe. When I travel with people all around, I find my stories to observe from.
Every person has their own beautifully crystallised universe. Like the young couple leaning on the wall have that passion in their eyes which blurs everything that stands around them. The old lady seated with her son has her eyes stuck at the gate while clutching on to her son’s arm as she rests. And how could I forget that mystery girl who kept smiling as she looked at me, she was beautiful to be honest but she disappeared in the crowd at the metro station. I mean there are so many stories all around that it makes me feel like I am actually travelling. Isn’t travelling about meeting new faces, making new stories? Though I do admit it’s also about remembering the old ones while looking at the sunset from a deserted beach. Crushes alert!

The point I wanted to convey is that you travel when you meet new people, when they share their experiences while you narrate them one from your own. Writing helps here, it helped me. I spoke to many writers from different parts of the country, different parts of the world, as well as different age groups while even going ahead & collaborating with a few. Certain things aren’t different though, be it Lisbon or Delhi. The emotion remains the same, I have realised, while experiences could totally differ. It wouldn’t be strange now if I told you that traveling in time was possible. It happened with me when I befriended writers who were way older than me. Their experiences were something which I could never relate to but I listened, because I felt somewhere that I might be in that position one day. I thought I might prepare in advance.

You might be thinking that I am trying to justify my limitations, you are not wrong if you think so. In my defence though, I would say that I did travel solo one time, but I didn’t get that kick which I thought would happen. May be it was because of the ache my hand suffered due to the selfies I tried to click, or because there were no faces that I met which could have made that trip memorable. It’s always been people for me, it always will be; after all we are social animals, aren’t we? So when I halt at the travel pics, I smile. I do wish I was there to experience that but I am nevertheless happy because I am moving too.”



That Minute

With shrillness in her voice & a sense of despair in her eyes,
She cajoled her emotions to withhold a minute further,
A minute that had never moved since the day many months ago.

She stepped to move further but to realize she was only going back,
She decided to take a seat back home but she ended where she began,
She knew she was losing it, but she didn’t realize she was stuck.

Raging over that person who took away that minute from her,
The minute she had waited for so long, the minute where he walked away from her;
She knew she was stuck but she knew she can’t admit the same.

Out driving the wheel to meet the loneliness of the road ahead,
Wishing that their company would be better than hers,
She drove towards the sea, to that very place where he sailed away.

Reminiscing the memories of the last minute,
The minute where he had chosen his nation over her,
The minute where he had made her a promise,
The promise to be with her forever and ever.

Months had passed by; the war had long ended,
But she kept running among the waves,
Waiting for that minute which never arrived,
She knew she was losing faith but she knew she can never admit the same.

The Free Fall.

Road to the valley
From the mountain top,
narrowly meandering
Along the drop.

The climb upfront
Is a difficult task,
While I enjoy the fall
for the freedom from my task.

Like the flow of water
dipping with ease from the top,
I find myself tied to a rope
ready for a free drop.

Air gushing into the nostrils
I feel my flight into the heavens
Far apart, waiting for me to join
But only to realise a rope tied all along.

Heavens drifting away from the reality
I hang in mid air with the world below
Waiting for me to join, but I postpone
The date to a day which I least know.

Flight has remained special
And will remain so,
Till the day the climb upfront remains a task
While the fall below is free from a task.


People come and go,
events happen and end
while memories seem to never end.

Event keeps playing on a loop,
time stalking the images to blur
while memories keep the emotions fair.

Person keeps passing by,
frowning every time over the emotion
while losing the face in confusion

Memories seem to be unaware
of the rights and the wrongs,
while growing and tearing us apart.

Like a vicious cycle of nature,
spirit seems to lay adrift
while I find myself missing.

The Time Machine.

Basic definition of Time Machine: A machine which takes us to different phases of time which have already passed away or preparing to be passed.
If we start mixing the technology with a part of psychology we can get a way to understand a crude time machine existing with every person. Let’s see how.
Taking the veil off the existential machine, we only end up finding it to be the human mind. The speciality of the mind is to create the probabilities of occurrence of an event with a amazing lot of partiality to the individual. So the biased assumptions makes us create a new reality of the past or the future.
When we start putting our mind to work, and think about the events which passed by, we either end up modifying the event or changing the event altogether. Ending up in an endless chain of thoughts about if this (in general) would have happened, the story would have been different.
Now measuring the future by the chance occurrences of the ongoing events, making it easier to predict, though a biased prediction. Making the petty calculations to reach the ultimate destiny is one of the examples which the time machine allows us to see.
Now if these biased or crude time machines are aligned in such a way, that the events occcurs within the range of these aligned machines, then we would have succeeded in creating the required phases of time, unbiased and true.
Overall context: A mix of distinct subjects does give us a sea full of perceptions leads us to new discoveries which ultimately unleashes a new world around us.
Note: Confusion is an existential quality that one possesses which allows the mind to wander and create new limits of destiny.

Reality’s artificiality.

There are times when we aren’t happy in our present world, so we start tweaking it for making it more comfortable for us. In the process we try defining a new set of rules and a new set of goals. This in turn creates a new world, a virtual one. Here we try looking and defining the past moments in a way which would make us happy. We start creating loops within that and possibly become lost in them. In process, we lose our present.

Why does this happen?

Because we are slightly unhappy and less trying for making the reality look better. The Worlds we end up creating are part of our creativity which in reality doesn’t have limits. This state of being completely unaware of the time being lost and opportunities being missed, is hard to counter. Especially when we are going through one of our worst phases, as these states continue to occur in a never ending sequence. There is no solution as such, but only self realization which is bound to happen when we are made to open our eyes. The problem comes with the amount of time being lost which never comes back. People do soothe in that there are plenty of opportunities in life, we just need to grab them. But I would say, once an opportunity lost is gone forever. The one which comes next is a newer opportunity leading to a new destination.

So here we go, lets start breaking those bubble of artificiality as soon as possible, thereby blurring the lines of reality with it. Hence making sense of the present and destining ourselves for the future. Life is indeed what we make of it and universes are always interlinked, never isolated.