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Souvenir from the past

“Trampled at the center, torn at the creases,
The red layered parcel of memories found its lost path
As it lay at my door step, awaiting to be opened;
Blue ribbons adorned the top right corner
While the black ones naturally followed the left,
On the whole it was a weirdly decorated box
A box that kept coming back, one smaller than the other,
As I kept opening one after the other with little insight
On what’s really in store, about the truth I failed to see
From the cover, about the lie I understood only from within;
The ribbons threaded together the memories of my past,
The ones I hid carefully from, until this very day
The demons that I had stood guarded for long
Were unboxed without any hesitance as they stood across
In vengeance, with an eye staring into me for redemption
To find moist eyes and a bleeding heart to do with;
I sat across the corner in the warmth of the walls that coincided,
Coming to terms with the past that haunted me for long
To finally be awoken by the reality that had knocked
Time and again, only to be responded today,
The day I found a red souvenir from the past on my door step,
Torn at the creases, trampled at the center
Yet alive, yet important to begin a new phase truly afresh.”



“Opium of masses; Religion is the opium of masses.” The sociology sir spoke in his humble voice as he expanded upon the theories of Karl Marx. We on the other side of the table listened with utmost attention, unable to digest how our long held notions were weathering away in the storm called Marxism. A thought played out synonymously on our minds that the man with the huge beard wasn’t wrong, in fact was completely right in certain aspects.

In the age of unbridled materialism where our ideas are influenced based on the material outcomes they help us achieve, where a person’s value is judged by the economic weight they carry, where we have more than enough for the rich to feed but hardly any for the poor to survive, yes some of his principles stand true even for today. But having said that, I don’t believe in the communist society that Marx made us dream about but I do believe we have a long way to go for achieving equality and inclusion for all, in a method or an ideology of our own, a socialism which is indigenous, a socialism which unites us in progress and even in our fall.

Karl Marx, you along with Engels ignited a new theory in our minds, and after 200 years of your birth, I sit along with my e-note, like many, remembering all your great moments and how it impacted me, how it made me understand the constancy of change or the eternal flux where no destiny is earmarked and no feat unachievable.

P.S. Communism and Socialism aren’t same & I haven’t used them synonymously.

Prudent who?

“Trouble finding framing engaging
Words that remain prudent to you
Me and them; words that keep the unruly
From uniting, from blabbering their way
Across with their nonsensical frame 
Of reference that divide you and me
Into us and them through simmering discontent
Spread by exploiting the fragility in our mutual intent
To break the harmony by monopolizing the reality
Established over a land buried with the trampled voices of dissent,
The voices that fought for you, me and them,
The voices that were finally silenced through the barrel of a gun
Leaving ideas in the word without their needed halo
While keeping the oppressed divided and the oppressors united
By building a notion in our mind to make us ponder
And leave us troubled in finding framing engaging
Words that remain prudent to them and them alone.”


Dialectics of Life 

“There comes a time 

Of whirlwind, a time 

We find our answers 

Amid the chaos, amid 

The shine of the sun 

And the glitter of the moon;

We just know the right words

To say, the right words to hear, 

We doubt less and love more, 

We be what we are designed to be, 

Humanity personified. 


But as we know that we live

In the era of dialectics, 

There comes a standstill 

After the whirlwind, the answers 

Seem to be hard hidden 

Despite the dig; despite the search

We find words hard to say

And love more elusive to seek, 

Making us break the designed state

To wander without curiosity 

With only hope to meet the turbulent sea

With in the desert we find ourselves to be.”

The Great Divide

“The times fill the heart with fear;
The rage once we had disowned
For our own has come back swinging
and it is in no mood to slow.

The pendulum once thought to have stopped
For good has begun to move once again;
The world that didn’t shy to mingle
Is walking the silent road alone.

The dawn of oneness that first appeared
Years ago, is slowly fading by the night;
The divide that it brought for many, the coffers
That it filled for a few, are beginning to take its place.

The world looks away from this sight,
The sight of being divided, of being different
Than leaders would have ever hoped; while commons
See a different life, a different reality that brews within.

I stand up at this sight,
I stand up for hope and change to survive,
A hope that keeps the dream alive
And a change that bridges our great divide.”


The Man.

“With lust dripping eyes and animal within,
He is out to prove that he is a man after all;
He hears no voice, the public sees no plea,
So let her suffer and let her be what she is born to be.

We aren’t going to change, we aren’t going to see,
That’s what our ancestors taught us, that’s what we will be;
A Blood rushing lunatic seeking his revenge
Causing mayhem in her life & a fear to breathe.

Aren’t we going to change, aren’t we going to see
That she is not a thing to be used but a person instead
Like you and me, who deserve to be respected
And who deserve to be free.”